a simplier way to allow newgeeks and new comers engineers to port salfish?


i discovered sailfish few years ago, without success of porting it
anyway, with a long time of attempts, i finally find out how to use an already ported image on that stuff.
problem :
-the image is sailfish 2.0, where most applications looks like not working
-the image uses CM11 basis, where lineageos 14 have been ported years ago on that device

i tried then to observe the hadk.
well, it’s nice because everything is in here.
but instead of openwrt or postmarketos compilators, it looks like the port of sailfish for a new compilations it… wayf of being easy.
i was thus thinking, maybe a way, to simplify at maximum the sailfish’s port compilation process, for new comers?

as example, eg using a virtual machine, or a script whom launched in sudo, to gather all the needed files, plus asking for the two needed resources :

  • • Device-specific Android Kernel’s URL
  • Android base’s URL

and just enter, wait few dozen and hours, and doops, it generates and compile the thing, to a zip twrpable file.
why a such thing is not prepared, as it could increase highly better the rate of usage of sailfish, for non ios/android-likes operating systems?

Well, there is something like this, in GitHub - JamiKettunen/sfbootstrap: The all-in-one Sailfish OS local development bootstrapping script

Thing is, you still need to have read and understood the HADK and be familiar with most of the build system components to be able to use it.

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