A Jolla phone review

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Looks like mostly clickbait to me. Discussing a nearly 10-year-old phone which has known flaws that led to the Xperia-Era. A third of the video is a rant about OS X.


I find that Hugh Jeffrey’s is generally an honest reviewer, but by buying a locked/stolen device, he’s not given himself the best introduction to Sailfish/Jolla.


That was painful. I think he missed the point that you’re not supposed to be able to unlock a locked phone, which is what most phone suppliers strive to achieve when a device is locked to a services account.


there is a comment or two saying as much and was exactly the first thing I thought, especially me having told as much to users who come to the forum complaining about forgotten lock codes when flashing Jolla jp-1301.


Nothing new, he started before me and he did by another way the same thing:

This is seriosly bad publicity for Jolla and SF. The video has over 100k views and most comments are bashing Jolla. Really unfair for Jolla when they are in a really tight spot now. When I get my paycheck I might buy an unneeded license just to help them out. Though it’s not gonna make a difference, but maybe I’ll feel a little better.

@turmelus1 unfortunately, a license more will make no difference especially because every license brings Alien Dalvik license which I suppose it is a cost. I does not make a real difference because - as stated in that video - the hardware is a pre-production model and it is required a LOT of money to arrive a production compliant hardware.

Instead, you can buy a 2nd hand Xperia 10 III even not in perfect conditions but fully functional with Android and send to me or to any other community developer involved into the hardware support. The hardware support, starts from the boot/rescue image which is the part on which I am focusing by now, in fact.

note: I wrote Xperia 10 III because I have a Xperia 10 II but I am missing a III for testing. Others people might have mark3 but not mark2 or a Gigaset GS5 (or the rephone custom version, even better). Find who you want to support and then ask to him/her which hardware supply s/he needs. Everything else is legacy hardware or prototype hardware, AFAIK. As part of a SFOS community, we need to support hardware that is easily available on the 2nd market or on the e-commerce shelves.

Yeah but this video is a bit WASTED TIME. I mean, he bought a “locked” phone. It’s blaming it for being not possible to unlock, being Linux phone. It has a broken camera too. What the heck he’s ranting?
He could have bought a newer Xperia 10 II or III. Bahhh

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Bad publicity is still publicity, and he made more people aware of SFOS than all the people from this forum and Jolla managed to do. Some of those people will be curious enough to give SFOS a try.


If people like him are the ones that companies harvest data to train their super AI with i think we are all safe.


And a lot more people view it negatively now. Good he didn’t talk about old russian ties or possible future chinese ties.

i guess we should post some positive comments on the video (which is ridicolous by the way as he can’t expect to have a 10 years old phone working as phones of today)


That is my point, a bit pointless video. Like taking an S4 and talking about how crap Samsung Is…


Nah, don’t give him an ‘interaction’ boost, ecelebs are worthless, if he managed to unlock the phone 99% he’d get stuck in the tutorial as he was busy doing his ‘likes/subscribes/comments’ catchphrase, and nothing of value was lost as 99% of his viewers probably leave it in the background while mindlessly scrolling reddit or tiktok (not to mention being heavily from unsupported region and coming here thinking it’s another repackaged android clone, yay what a great value add for the community, zoomers will surely save jolla and sfos)


Hm someone could lend him a working J1, maybe he’ll do an update video.


I don’t see that ending well. I think we need to make @nephros a youtube celebrity to clarify this once and for all (ducks, runs).


I suppose so, but is it worth it, it wasn’t exactly cutting edge when launched 10 yrs ago.

I have 2 x Jolla1, one without a battery and the other is a remote control for my HA system. Not sure I can be bothered with contacting/sending a device to Australia.