A-GPS fix patch for Xperia 10 II and III

Can you develop a patch for PatchManger or give me some help in trasforming these procedeure:

in a patch for PatchManger that can deploy this file:

on X series smartphones but not on XA2?

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diff /vendor/etc/gps.conf modified_gps.conf

OMG, not such patch! :rofl:

A patch for PatchManger! (request corrected)

A patch for patchmanager is just “such a patch” that’s packed in a zip file or tarball:

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Why did you use so many time servers and in the end time.google.com will be set like before.

All of them are commented apart the europe, as you can see:

# NTP Server
# NTP_SERVER=time.gpsonextra.net
# Asia
# NTP_SERVER=asia.pool.ntp.org
# Europe
# North America
# NTP_SERVER=north-america.pool.ntp.org

# NTP_SERVER = time.google.com

# If NTP_SERVER is commented NTP_SERVER=time.izatcloud.net is used

Probably the best is to leave it at its default value (null → izcloud.net) hoping that izcloud would be globally reachable like google:

roberto]:~/Documents/Jolla$ host -t ANY time.izatcloud.net
Using domain server:

time.izatcloud.net is an alias for izattime.qcomgeo2.com.
izattime.qcomgeo2.com is an alias for izattime.xboxprod.izatcloud.net.
izattime.xboxprod.izatcloud.net has address
izattime.xboxprod.izatcloud.net has address

However, this is not the main point. Because, the proper solution is to make these value configurable by Settings:System → Location → Set services providers adding a specific button that bring to a new menu for those settings.

Instead, if you were refering to the dot-list: those are the available options.