A conference for digitalisation and sustainability in Berlin (30.09.-02.10.2022) that somehow touches the ideas of a non-Google/Apple ecosystem like SailfishOS

I am participating as a speaker at the conference called “Bits & Bäume” 2022: Sept. 30th – Oct. 2nd, TU Berlin. It’s mainly about digitalisation and sustainability in a broader sense. I’m not alone in my session and the discussion about power consumption, tracking by the big tech guys and the tracking industry, privacy in general are the main topics. The audience can be broad, so there can be people who do not know anything about it but also experts. In case you have time, are around in the capital of Germany and would be able to pay the around 20 € participation fee, please be welcome and join the more or less open discussion. There are two sessions in my case but many other interesting talks around digitalisation and sustainability, mainly in German…but something it can be flexibly changed into English:Bits-und-baeume.org/en/

In my part(s) How much energy does my cell phone use to track/spy me? , I would like to tell how it is possible to scrape Android and install the alternatives (SailfishOS and LineageOS) and how to fix older phones easily with a basic set of tools i.e. replacing battery, screen or the charging post. The main thing is to show to the audience that with just a few things one can bring new life into an older phone and it can be speed up to current needs while keeping the advertisement and tracking services (ATS) out of our private life. I might also have a look into great apps like Defender I and II from @nodevel and @peterleinchen but also apps related to see the power consumption in particular.
However, in our session we are looking into aspects power consumption in particular and into privacy like A) high power consuming apps and how to recognize them in the OS or with special apps B) Spot spying apps and what to do about spying C) which data are stored where about me by joining experts from Datenanfragen.de D) How to self repair your phone and E) Alternatives mobile operating systems

Please join, help a fruitful discussion and perhaps help me to say some good points why we need SailfishOS even more these days! The more English speakers, the more we have a reason to discuss in English but in German it’s also okay.