[4.6.0] GMail account sync (any sync) not completing; mails not updating

REPRODUCIBILITY: Always (for me at least)
OS VERSION: 4.6.0 Sauna


The Gmail mails from the device account do not sync anymore. They stopped right after the update.
Tried refreshing the account details (which succeeds), but no luck so far with the sync.


Have a gmail account setup & valid access credentials on the device (via the settings app)


  1. refresh the GMail account credentials from the relative settings menu
  2. Sync mails


The the synchronization would complete and the mails would be synched when asked so (via the “Synchronize” menu entry)


Synchronization keeps on going forever, never completes.



Deleting & readding the account fixes the issue.

Your bug report is not clear and I’m sure there is already a report with the same issue.

What doesn’t work? Manual sync, scheduled sync, both?

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Added some more info; basically for me, no sync completes / no mails are updated ever since last monday (day of release of Sauna) on my GMail account.
EDIT : my bug report has all the info I can get you :slight_smile: . If you need more, you will have to be more specific, I am afraid.


Sometimes is same for me in 10III. Sometimes it is because of WLAN, if I deactivate it starts working. Sometimes it doesn’t help and I need to remove the google account (which I use only for spam mail) and add it again, and it starts working…for a while.

Hmm I hassled with google accounts on microg due to the fact the whole microg stack stopped working (apparently the “spoofing enforcing disable” option had gotten disabled by the update…)

Do you use an android app or the native one?

For mails I am talking about accounts, so the device native ones :slight_smile:
(using gmail as an app on jolla would be, well, weird).
Updated the title & content to clarify this.

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Similar (?) bug report: Cannot check Emails (internet works) / messageserver5 Eats 100% CPU of 1 Core (and battery)

Troubleshooting: Collect Email Logs | Sailfish OS Documentation

I’m also confused by your mentioning microG. It shouldn’t have anything to do with SFOS email problems.

Its a fact that seemed relevant to me; of course the settings account is not shared with microg (which is on the google side); but the key point in there is the fact the spoofing enforcing was disabled after the update, when prior to it it was enabled; maybe something else changed somewhere, on the SFOS side I mean…

This came back today, again, after i re-added the account a few days ago. Some regression on the token renewal?