[] Android apps lose connection after network change

Since the 4.5 update ( already) the android layer has long forgotten connectivity issues on my X10II.

HARDWARE: xperia 10 II


when the network changes, android loses network, be it a browser, chat apps or other. It happens when 4G is lost shortly and reconnects or when leaving a wifi into 4G.

it seems not to happen reproducibly when switching from mobile to wifi or after calls when the phone reconnects from 2G to 4G.


regular usage.


  1. connected to a wifi, 4G active
  2. shut off wifi or leave its range
  3. try using an android app which needs internet connection


no connection possible unless android is restarted manually. The disconnected state persists for hours, not only for some minutes. I don’t think there is a mechanism which tries to rebuild connectivity or maybe the system just doesn’t detect the issue.




An additional question: If this issue persists, I would consider resetting/reverting, since it is really a dealbreaker. I am currently restarting the Android layer several times a day, whenever I have been in an elevator, a basement or the like, since the phone seems to be online but often enough is not. Otherwise I am missing important messages since the system.

Would a SailfishOS reset help or should it be a revert and reflash in this case?

Seems to be solved with the patch.

edit: no it wasn’t.

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I’ve got exactly the same issue.

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I tried this with my Xperia 10 III running

My phone was connected to m home WLAN. The mobile data service of Telia Finland was enabled, too.
While playing songs with Spotify, I tapped WLAN off at the TopMenu, letting the phone connect to Telia. I could not hear any break in the playback. I repeated the same several times.
While streaming news via the YLE Areena app, there was a break of 10-15 seconds in the playback, soon after switching WLAN off. In all cases, the playback automatically continued after the break.

I have no clue what is causing the problem on your phone.

Have you tried the network restart in Sailfish Utilities?

It is better to reflash than to reset. The drawbacks are the same but by reflashing you get the latest OS release.

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I have had this problem since maybe 4.1 or 4.2. I travel daily between countries and now I always have to boot my phone when the operator changes.

Xperia 10II

Yesterday I had cellular network and wlan active, data ok in android. I disconnected wlan and Signal stopped communication. Switching to IP6 and back to IP4 restored communication.

When in hurry I just reboot the phone. Xperia 10ii, always latest software.

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Same here - Xperia 10ii (but I think it was already there with This happens so often it is a real problem for usability, I’m afraid.

I also have that problem. I had it prior from time to time as well but not so often I encounter it now. Sometimes even network restart and/or android restart doesn’t help, only full reboot. Very annoying unfortunately.

For me switching on mobile data about fifteen seconds befor switching off WiFi works best.

have you tried to restart Network from Settings → Utilities ? The few times I have network problems it helps. And if this doesn’t help a restart of android support does the trick