( Bluetooth media still not working

REPRODUCIBILITY: 100% (always)
HARDWARE: Sony Xperia XA2 - h3113 - h3113 - - armv7hl
UI LANGUAGE: Italiano (user: it_IT, os: it_IT.utf8)
REGRESSION: yes (since: 3.2 - arm)


As the title says, if i play a song over bluetooth nothing is heard on the speakers



  1. Connect the phone to a bluetooth device (in my case, my car stereo)
  2. Play a song (either local or online)
  3. Hear nothing cause sound is actually not working


To be able to play songs (or better, audio in general) over bluetooth


Audio over bluetooth is not working for media, you can only do phone calls, but no other audio is working


  • Patchmanager: no
  • OpenRepos: yes
  • Chum: yes
  • Other: none specified


It’s a regression, but can’t say from when cause i flashed my xa2 with sailfish 4.4 last year and it wasn’t already working. Anyway it’s clearly a regression cause audio it’s working perfectly fine on my j1, which should be at sf 3.2

Please fix it cause in my opinion it’s a serious issue…
Device Owner User: defaultuser
Home Encryption: enabled

the initial version of this bug report was created using Bugger 0.9.9+git1

It may help to renew the pairing of the phone.
Plus, I sometimes experienced the problem that the phone was muted and lifting car audio volume wouldn’t work but changing the phone volume seperately (yes, that simple, really:-))

Tried pairing again multiple times, and also adjusting the volume, with no luck at all. Even tried changing the device settings on the phone, with no luck at all.

The stereo always say “searching” as if it’s still searching for an audio stream, while the audio plays silently on the phone.

Perhaps this is worth a try:

will try, but it’s not i can’t pair my device, i can do that and succesfully make a call, it’s just i can’t listen to other audios (eg. songs or videos)

In my Xperia XA2 ( Bluetooth is not possible to enable and no devices at all shows up. Is that related ? It worked before the update

No i don’t think it’s related as my bluetooth is perfectly working for enabling, pairing and calls, it only doesn’t work for media

I really hope they solve this as i’m tired of inventing excuses everytime someone wants me to connect the bluetooth

I have also problem with bluetooth. It shows connected, but no sound from headphones. pactl does not list bluetooth. Unpairing and finding it works every time, but only one time. Sometimes I have managed working few time. Reseting with utilities does not help, only unpairing. Quite irritating. Before update it worked flawessly.

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Literally irritating, hope it will be solved, but i’m a little sceptical as i was having the same problem in 4.4

Now when I tried almost everything, toggling bluetooth off the on let’s you connect first try, but still something wrong. But easier than unpairing and repairing.
Maybe something to do with pulseaudio, because pactl doesn’t list bluetooth, while it is connected.

Nah, toggling didn’t work that well either. Back to unpairing/pairing.

If somebody is able to reproduce the problem then let’s collect logs. Follow the advice of this document please: Collect Persistent Logs | Sailfish OS Documentation

It is tuned up to collect audio/BT events.

If you do not want to expose the logs here in the Forum open a Zendesk ticket at https://jolla.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


I would love to do so, i’ll do that as soon as i can…

here we are, played a song via bluetooth, while collecting the log…

hope it helps…

Thanks for the logs and also for the ZD ticket, however this seems to be quite isolated case. I can’t reproduce this and seems that others haven’t seen this kind of problem where only media audio doesn’t work via BT. Would be interesting to know if someone else have this problem on their device with
btw. do you happen to have several BT devices you could try the audio routing, would be good to know if this happens with several BT devices or with just one?

Sooo, just tried with a pair of sony headphones and they work flawlessy, i guess at this point it’s just my car radio which is an Alpine, maybe you want to know the exact model?

Edit: i forgot to mention that everything was perfectly working on android…

With My Bluetooth worked again !

Yes, please add the Alpine car radio exact model to the bug report -thanks!

Here it is, my car stereo is exactly an Alpine CDE-173BT

Bluetooth randomly working when connected. Sometimes i get messages like this:

It seems that it don’t remember codecs when pairing because asks these same questions again, but not always. It can be this AVRCP or A2DP, HFP etc. Don’t know if this have nothing to do with this problem. Sometimes sound works without accepting these or not.

Still only thing that always works is unpairing/pairing.

Anectotal evidence only but I don’t agree with the ‘isolated case’ assessment.

Pairing with car kits has been wonky in all kinds of ways, including sometimes the one described here, for a looong time (3.1 and up at least), and across devices (had it with two X10s and an X10iii).