[4.4 flashed] Root password "recovery" not accepted by sshd in recovery mode

XA2 4.4 flashed
Don’t know yet if this is a bug or only me.
I booted in recovery mode (fastboot boot hybris-recovery.img)
Pressed “5” to launch sshd

When trying to log in (ssh root@ from another terminal, the password (recovery) is not accepted.

hybris-recovery.img from SFOS_4.3.0.15 works though.

Did someone try this?
Or did nobody have the same issue?


Please, did you happen to find a solution to this, by any chance?

I am stuck in recovery mode right now, but I have an Xperia 10 III and was the first release for it (therefore I am afraid I do not have previous releases to go grab a recovery image).

Thank you.

I’m sorry, I’ll only be able to share in september as I’ll not be home until that.
Someone else maybe?
Or try to contact @Jolla as it seems to be a bug, they could perhaps provide a link to dl sth.

Or maybe providing tje correct password would be enough?

Eh, if it only were so easy! :wink: