4.4 EA: captive portal is now broken

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HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …):X10ii
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?):New to previous release


Captive portal browser trys to open ipv4.jolla.com but fails to connect by timeout.




1)connect to a hotsplots captive portal hotspot
2)switch back to mobile data since auth in the wifi hotspot is not possible
3)book more mobile data


Free wifi surfing


Beeing forced to use expensive LTE


(Please ALWAYS attach relevant data such as logs, screenshots, etc…)
VoLTE seems also to still be brolen, at least I didn’t find a way to enable it (and I’m too lazy to open a second bug report)

VoLTE seems still broken

It can not be broken since it was not in 4.4 to begin with…

EDIT: Removed the " and VoLTE seems still broken" part from the topic.

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Last night I was on the train an successfully accepted the terms and conditions on the captive portal of WIFIONICE of Deutsche Bahn.

I’m currently on skiing vacation and the hotspot in my appartment worked before upgrading but now not any more.
The yellow frame around the error message reminds me of a Mozilla https warning. Maybe related to the browser update?

Ha! I could trick the captive portal to open by opening hotsplots.de in the native browser through LTE first, and then switch to WiFi. This workaround wasn’t necessary in the previous release.
Anyways. Working now. I’m happy.

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If there’s any issue with captive portals / landing pages it’s always a good idea to visit an unencrypted webpage such as http://neverssl.com. This won’t issue a SSL warning and the redirect to the portal works as expected.


I’ve tagged this as “fixed” along with the other captive portal issues that are now resolved. If you’re able to test it again @Inte to confirm, that would be great, but from what I understand this happened while you were on holiday, so that may not be so straightforward.

Nevertheless, if anyone still experiences this, please say.