[4.4.0] mpris-proxy service crashing and not restarting

Xperia 10 II with 4.4 installed from scratch doesn’t have this command.
@direc85 Do you know which package I need?

Whoops, that should be systemctl instead. Sorry about that!

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As a follow-up on this, the following change (following @direc85’s suggestion) has been made to prevent this from causing problems:

This will hopefully make it in to the next release, so I’ve tagged the topic as “fixed”.


The situation with this is worse with than before. I have lowered the oom memory limits as with the previous dot release, but it mpris_proxy.service still gets sniped. I manually edited the pull request in and it seems to work as expected. It’s only a mitigation, though…

Anyone else with the same experience with (w.r.t. specifically?

X10II (III is still sitting on shelf, waiting for 4.5)

Wow, so this was all along why my phone has been intermittently struggling to play A2DP audio on car head unit.

Fairly certain I’ve been struggling with this over a year now, ever since I swapped head units in my car (order date reads Oct '21), and got BT A2DP capability to it.

Fresh off Sailfish reboot, BT would connect and play A2DP music fine on Spotify.

It always felt like with all the OOMs Sailfish app suffers through a session, somehow phone’s Bluetooth capability deteriorated, but I could never figure out the details. Next ride, BT connects fine, but head unit audio player fails to play audio or display track info, and no on-screen controls work.

Turns out I was always looking in the wrong place, trying to journalctl through bluetooth unit.

Yep, systemctl --user status mpris-proxy had crashed with SIGABRT, just like [4.4.0] mpris-proxy service crashing and not restarting - #6 by direc85 shows.

Yep, systemctl --user restart mpris-proxy immediately restored all functionality (I also edited service unit for auto-restart), and ended this year-long frustration that made me want to test other head units and go through all that rebuild trouble.

Got a couple of long drives coming up, couldn’t be happier about getting ths figured out. You the man @direc85.

PS phone doesn’t seem to have coredumpctl so we can’t really get details on why mpris-proxy crashes?

PPS History for tools/mpris-proxy.c - bluez/bluez · GitHub for History, hopefully it becomes hardened upstream.