[][Xperia X]NFC pairing does not work (Sony SRS-XB21)

HARDWARE : Xperia 10 Dual Sim


The Bluetooth pairing does not work with a Sony SRS-XB21 loudspeaker.
The NFC logger displays nothing either.


NFC enabled, Bluetooth pairing enabled


  1. put the phone back on the NFC logo on the loudspeaker


Bluetooth Pairing triggered


Nothing happens


Regular BT pairing works ( search/pair etc).

I can add to this list SONY WH-CH710N headphones not working with NFC binding.

Perhaps using NFC Logger (available on Storeman) could help Jolla to fix it.

Yea I tried that but like OP reported NFC logger does not show any signs of report.

Oh :frowning:
Which device have you used?

Have you any possibility to test if NFC work?

I tested with X, XA2 and 10 II – all three of them did not work.

NFC on SONY WH-CH710N works for me with the X10.
When Blueetooh is active on the device and I hold it to the headphone’s NFC logo, the phone vibrates shortly and then connects. Initial pairing was performed the “classic” way however. Haven’t tried that with NFC.
“Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing” has to be active in the Sailfish NFC settings (just saying in case…).

This part looks like the most important:

2022-04-03 17:00:50.445 dbus-handlers: tag21 is initialized
2022-04-03 17:00:50.447 dbus-handlers: No handlers configured
2022-04-03 17:00:50.447 dbus-service: Created D-Bus object /nfc0/tag21/ndef0
2022-04-03 17:00:50.447 dbus-service: Created D-Bus object /nfc0/tag21 (Type2)
2022-04-03 17:00:50.447 dbus-service: Adding org.sailfishos.nfc.TagType2
2022-04-03 17:00:50.600 < 00 00 02 30 00 …0.
2022-04-03 17:00:50.605 binder: android.hardware.nfc@1.0::INfcClientCallback 2 sendData
2022-04-03 17:00:50.605 > data, 6 byte(s)
2022-04-03 17:00:50.605 > 60 06 03 01 00 01 `…
2022-04-03 17:00:50.605 nci: CORE_CONN_CREDITS_NTF
2022-04-03 17:00:50.851 Skipped presence check
2022-04-03 17:00:51.101 nfc-core: Transmit request timed out
2022-04-03 17:00:51.101 Presence check failed
2022-04-03 17:00:51.101 Target is gone
2022-04-03 17:00:51.102 nfc-core: Target disappeared
2022-04-03 17:00:51.102 dbus-neard: Removing neard D-Bus object for tag /nfc0/tag21
2022-04-03 17:00:51.103 dbus-service: Removing D-Bus object /nfc0/tag21
2022-04-03 17:00:51.103 dbus-service: Removing D-Bus object /nfc0/tag21/ndef0
2022-04-03 17:00:51.103 dbus-service: Removing D-Bus object /nfc0/tag21 (Type2)

A had no success with Sony wf-1000xm3. NFC Logger showed nothing.

Thanks for highlighting this @rtr2001, and also to everyone for your testing with various devices. I’ve logged this in our internal database and tagged it as tracked.

Unfortunately it can be very hard to handle the different implementations of many different devices, and this can also make addressing issues like this a challenge. I only mention it so as not to raise expectations. Nevertheless, if there’s progress to report on this I’ll do my best to report it back here.

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NFC/BT pairing fails via NFC on X10III as well, but as opposed to the initial report there’s some signs of life.
With phone BT off, loudspeaker BT off, the two not yet paired, on NFC touch:

  1. The phone vibrates.
  2. NFC logger logs things ( I can extract and paste here, if useful).
  3. Loudspeaker BT turns on.
  4. Phone BT remains OFF.

No BT pairing whatsoever.

Regular BT pairing works.

Obviously when devices already paired, auto-connect allowed, the step 3 above turns the loudspeaker BT on => they connect - but I don’t think this is a side effect, not the actual use-case.

Turning on BT and opening BT settings on NFC trigger would be useful step closer I guess.

Does it work with Bluetooth on?
If this is the entire problem, it seems more like there is room for improvement rather than being a bug.

Does it work with Bluetooth on?

If by “working” you mean pairing then it does not work( BT pairing is not triggered). This is what I expect to happen through “BT Secure Simple Pairing”.
If you mean"connecting" previously paired devices, then it works (but that’s regular BT connection, NFC merely wakes the BT module of the loudspeaker).

Yes, that’s what i meant - because it was not clear if the pairing didn’t happen due to Bluetooth not turning on, or would not happen even if turned on.
I had no idea there was any point in repeatedly using the simple pairing (or rather the device expecting it), i thought it was just nice for the initial time.