[][Xperia 10 Plus - Dual SIM]Viber Crashes Immediately

BUILD ID = OS VERSION: (Vanha Rauma)
HARDWARE: Xperia 10 Plus - Dual SIM
REGRESSION: Yes, didn’t have this problem with 4.3 on Xperia X


I had no problems with Viber on my old Xperia X, running 4.3. However, after installing Viber on a newly-flashed Xperia 10 Plus - Dual SIM, it refuses to start. I had hoped a newer version of Viber or an upgrade of Sailfish would fix it, but after patiently waiting for both, the problem persists. I’ve tried installing MicroG (using [How-To] MicroG in SFOS 3.1 - together.jolla.com as a guide), as some reported that this resolved the problem for them, but to no avail.



  1. Install Viber.
  2. Attempt to launch.
  3. Install and configure as per [How-To] MicroG in SFOS 3.1 - together.jolla.com
  4. Reboot phone.
  5. Attempt to launch.


Viber starts normally. Chat and audio/video work.


Viber crashes immediately. The Viber logo is displayed with the white background, and then it crashes one-two seconds later. If all the permissions are set to allowed manually under settings–>apps, sometimes it gets hung at a grey screen, but the application never transitions to a usable state.


I’m not sure where to look for logs, and /system/bin/logcat seemingly didn’t generate anything relevant. I’ve attempted to launch it via the console with both of the following in the hopes of getting feedback but to no avail:

apkd-launcher com.viber.voip.apk com.viber.voip/com.viber.voip.WelcomeActivity
apkd-launcher -d %U com.viber.voip.apk com.viber.voip/com.viber.voip.HomeActivity

Thanks for the report, I tested this with X10 II + and for me the Viber works just fine, would be good to know if others have seen this problem.

Any suggestions of how I can go about troubleshooting this? It’s the only application which refuses to start for me since moving to the X10+. I do have problems accessing contacts on Whisperfish and Telegram (using both Yottagram and Fernschreiber), yet not WhatsApp, but I don’t think it’s related.