[] Big DVD-Mpeg-Video-File Replay from SD-Card issue

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
REGRESSION: Not tested


I did made 1:1 Backup of my DVD-Disks (Mpeg2 with one Audiotrack, no Bitrate mod, 1:1 rip) to copy on my seconds spare Sony XA2 with SailfishOS, so the Child can watch Movies on Car-Travel. I copied it (3,3GB Mpeg2 Video) on the 200GB SD-Card which was formatted to ext4 with the SailfishOS.

Preinstalled Jolla Media-Gallery shows the Video and i can click on Play but nothing happens, you see always the preview Picture of the Video, no sound.

I try also other Players from Storeman with the same result.

Then i try VLC-Player inside the Android-Support, it plays the Video with Sound but with greenish garbage as Videoout.

So whats to do to replay it without any problems.

Thanks for the report, I can reproduce the problem with X10 II + For me smaller videos do play, but for some reason bigger files behave as you described, does smaller videos play for you as well?

Smaller Videos replay is working with no Problems.

There’s a bigger problem (SDL?) than just a missing mpeg2 decoder (gstreamer1.0-plugns-ugly). Because the Android players have their own decoders, the deeper problem - greenish garbage - becomes visible on the XA2. On the 10 II Android players (VLC, MX and KM) work as expected.

If anyone wants to troubleshoot if it’s just a file format problem (MP4 is fine) or if file size is also involved and also try on-the-fly transcoding, try this:

  1. install Encode from Openrepos (the easiest way to get a static ffmpeg)
  2. in Terminal copy, edit and run this in your Video folder (make sure it’s one line):

/usr/share/harbour-encode/ffmpeg_static -i YourMovie.mpg -crf 23 -preset faster -c:v libx264 -c:a libmp3lame -b:a 192k -f ismv ConvertedMovie.mp4

and leave it running. If you want to interrupt it, press CTRL-C.

Input file format can be almost anything, for output use mp4 or mkv. If you want subtibles, add -c:s copy and use mkv as output.

You can start to watch ConvertedMovie.mp4 (all video players should work) almost immediately. If the conversion is too slow for on-the-fly watching, just wait a bit and nest time experiment with crf (18 is excellent, 33 should be watchable) and preset (veryfast, superfast, ultrafast).

I copy the same file to my Sony X Compact daily driver to /defaultuser/android_storage/Download/

and Mediaplayer can replay/seek with no problems.

i will do further investigations on my second device XA2

Thanks for the bug report @fingus, and for the additional info in the tread from everyone. I’ve lodged this in our internal database and tagged it as tracked.