[4.3] [German/any] sailfish-browser "Start View": clarification of string meaning

There are two strings called “Start View” in sailfish-browser.

What is the meaning? Is it:

  1. “this is the View the Browser starts with”
  2. “activating this element will start something called a View”
  3. “there is an action called view that will start”
  4. something else?


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  1. This is the view the browser starts with, if there are no previously opened tabs.

Thanks for pointing this out, I have updated the “Content instructions” meta-language.


Hey, what means 4.3 in your headline. Is it Sailfish OS 4.3 already???

Translation round for 4.3 has begun, yes.

@sledges I think ‘initial view’ better describe this then ‘start view’