[4.3.0][Xperia X] camera does not work

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Xperia X


Camera does bot open after update



  1. phone on
  2. click camera and wait
  3. camera oes not open at all


able to take fotos or videos on either camera


only screenshot works and pictures can be taken using Dropbox but not videos


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Why did you put the tag 3.4.0?

Please check also torch and to play videos from gallery…

my mistake. it should be 4.3

No problem, was just wondering. Changed it for you.

But what about your problem?
Maybe this is what you experience as well

Thanks. Yes, I have the same symptons here.

Same problem for me. Xperia X 4.3 - opening camera gives loader for a few seconds then dies

How many threads with this topic do we have here? @vige
Would it not make sense to clean up / administer this forum a bit more than TJC?

Sorry but there are at least 4 or 5 threads dangling about this thing.
Please take a look here for the solution, you will need developer terminal and root rights:

or direct link to solution

Oh, was already linked above…

Ok sorry. Tried that “solution” and it didn’t work. Also, this was the only thread that appeared when I searched, but agree would be nice to have a single thread. However there is a lot of shouting in that linked thread and even though it was linked I didn’t find a working solution there