[4.2] wifi hotspot went from unstable to bad with new OS version

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 90%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): X10
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): yes


So i’ve been using wifi hotspot for Teams meetings pretty much daily since pandemic started. Teams is on android device, while i share the internet from my X10 with sfos.
Previously (i think around 3.4) there was a regression, that whenever the phone reconnects to different 4g antenna, the internet sharing stops working and i get disconnected from the meeting for bried amount of time. It was annoying, and also led not being able to be in the meeting during driving. But it was manageble during walking, and i mostly walk during these meetings.
But now wifi sharing became absolutely unstable =\ it just randomly stops working during calls (meaning android device is loosing wifi connection) and it happens very often. I’m constantly getting dropped from meetings and this is now a problem for me =(

Restarting network somewaht helps for some minutes, but then it usually starts dropping again.



  1. share wifi with wifi hotspot in SFOS
  2. connect to wifi from Android device
  3. start a video call from some messenger (Teams, Telegram)


  1. stable call connection


  1. wifi from android phone getting disconnected randomly


Restarting network somewaht helps for some minutes, but then it usually starts dropping again.

Does it happen when SFOS device (the one sharing the internet) is being charged with the screen on?

nope, i’m outside the house mostly during this.

I wasn’t suggesting you to move inside)) I was wondering if this is a suspend issue or is it something else. With the screen turned on, the system should never get suspended. Network packets are being shuffled around by the CPU, and if CPU falls asleep, you may experience communication delays long enough for the video stream to break.

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if it were going to sleep, it would probably not work at all? Not sure if cpu is needed for wifi sharing anyway… And why would it sometimes start breaking like constantly and sometimes it can go fine for 10-20 mins

I am also unable to use the wifi hotspot from Sony XA2 Plus with the 4.2.0 OS Version on my connected (Windows) laptop or other (Android) phones.
XA2 Plus has Wifi Hotspot enabled, with XA2 Plus I can browse the net without issues. When connecting laptop or other devices to the Wifi enabled on the XA2 Plus, they connect to the Wifi of the XA2 Plus but give the warning that they are connected but with “No Internet”.
It was working ok for me before the Sailfish Update to 4.2.0

Hope somebody is on it :wink:

One more precision. Though I made more that 20 or 30 tries, wifi share never worked for me with the 4.2.0 version

who know right :slight_smile: is jolla tracking it, maybe not… who can tell :slight_smile:

Maybe using mobile connections while on the move is an issue. I just tested viewing a TV series for 15 minutes using 4G inside my home and it did work out fine. Listening to internet radio in my car also works… well… not so bad. :slight_smile:

i’m sometimes listening to Spotify podcasts (andr app) when i walk, and no issues there. But it is probably caching the audio stream. So dunno.

Interesting thing is that when i walk my dog and wifi-sharing and at the same time being on call in Teams, i loose wifi connection exactly at the same spot on my walking route, 100% reproducible!!! The only thing i can think of is that SF reconnecting to other cellular tower affects wifi-sharing. And it’s not that i stop getting internet, android device actually loosing the wifi connection.

So maybe this is a roaming issue. caching things as dynamic as video conferencing is for sure difficult.

Or it’s the dog’s fault. It’s always the dog’s fault, isn’t it? :smile:

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Sure did eat my homework again. Darn dog.


To let you know that wifi share works after the update. I think that it is also due to modifications in the data access point parameters of my operator as described here : No more cellular network after update - #8 by ndaguenet

yeah, it kind of got much more stable.
Problem which remains is that i still constantly lose connection when driving car and on video-call via wifi share. (It’s an old problem though, started in sfos 3.*)
again, looks like related somehow to to sfos changing cell towers (while driving a car it happens much more often)