[][Xperia 10 ii Dual] RAM management issues (?)

REPRODUCIBILITY: About 2-3 times /day
HARDWARE: Xperia 10 ii Dual


Apps that are minimized as widgets are killed randomly without any profound reason (even without using Android App support or opening any other app), and their widget shows frozen info (see images).
Also, the browser crashes quite often (approximately once every 20 times opened)
Image 1: Frozen/killed-in-background apps (note the time of the widget compared to the actual time shown on top)
Image 2: Same apps when reopened


None / Random


Maybe remove the “bracket tags”?
As this is valid on many devices and almost all releases since 3.x?
Speaking as heavily affected on XA2 Dual SIM and SFOS 3.2…

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I have been using my Xperia 10 ii for quite some time now (actually from the time that SFOS was made available without the Android App support), but didnt face this problem. OK, maybe I had it, lets say, once or twice per month, but now it is persistant!
I also dont remember having it THAT often with my XA2 Ultra on SFOS 3.x.x!
Maybe it is time for a hard reset…?

The XA2 Ultra has 4GB memory whereas the XA2 only has 3GB.
X10 II also has 4GB but is on 64bit.
Some correlations?

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This bug makes the phone nearly unsusabe as daily driver. I need to have Whatsapp and Nextcloud Talk open to receive messages. Everytime the apps got killed, there are no notifications anymore! You only notice it, if you take it out of the pocket and then realize “fu**, I missed …”.
A constantly crashing android runtime is a case of warrenty I think. If this isn’t fixed in the next release I will claim my money back.

I had XperiaX for years. The device has less RAM, but never had this issue, at least when you open only a few apps.

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Yes, I noticed it too on 10II after upgrading to, although in my case I didn’t notice them to be frozen (I may have not paid enough attention). They are straight away killed even though the same apps run happily without issue prior to the upgrade so it seems to be a regression for this phone.

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Is there going to be a fix for this on the next update? This is getting ridiculous, apps get constantly crashed even if there’s like 3-4 of them open. It cannot be because of amount of RAM. JP1 had 1 GB and didn’t have such a behaviour, nor did Xperia X with three gigs.