[][Xperia 10 2] General system stability and few bugs

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): sony 10 2

I wanted to write this tread because I couldn’t find many treads with similar bugs. I hope this will somehow help jolla team <3

1. Battery stability. While using 4.1.x system, battery was strange. After charging phone with slow charger, phone used to lose around 2-3% of battery per h in idle without android in the background. I had to use fast charger once. After fast charging, phone was losing 1-2% of battery idle with android disabled and battery was WAY better with screen on than on slow charger. That was strange.

After I moved to 4.2.x system, system got more unstable. Phone started using 5-8% of battery per h in idle with android disabled on slow and fast charger. After factory reset everything came back to normal but after few days, battery started draining fast again.

Ram usage used to around 80-90% all the time on 4.1.x with and without android working in the background but after 4.2.x came out. Ram usage is medium most of the times ( with android and yt working in the background )

2. Calls quality. I am not sure if that sailfish bug or hardware bug but calls quality sucks. I can hear other person speaking really good but other person can barely hear me. Sound is quiet and quality is bad. I did record some calls with few people ( every other person was using android phone ) and from my side, everything was good. I am unable to record sound from other devices because most of people that I call use newer android phones. I live in Poland and I am using T-mobile.

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Re sound quality: my brother always complains about the sound quality when I call him with the Xperia 10 ii and SFOS I am also on T-mobile. I wonder whether this is related to 2G since there is no VoLTE.

I have no battery issues at all

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