[4.1.x][sailjail] Please document file permissions

With 4.1 I had massive problems to let the music player find my music. I now found in /etc/sailjail/permissions/Music.permission that the music player (and probably also tracker!) is restricted to

  • ${HOME}/Music
  • ${HOME}/android_storage/Music

This seems to be the same for the sdcard. And because of android_storage file’s group must be media-rw (?). After changing my audio directory to Music on my sdcard (and setting /media/sdcard symlink (?)) tracker found the files again and was able to parse the audio files.

The end user is not able to ad-hoc find the information and will fail if he/she tries to store music somewhere on the sdcard. So it would be nice to have an overview somewhere where to put media files to get jailed applications find them (same e.g. with Pictures…)


Sandboxing on Sailfish OS 4.1.0 allows unrestricted access to the memory card. Therefore, one can create a new folder by any name to the card and move pictures and music to that folder. Soon they will appear in the Sailfish Gallery and Media apps, both of which are sandboxed.


Sorry to say but it did not work “out of the box” - even with multiple tracker reset -e. I

  • Moved my sdcard’s directory to Music - that should not matter with unrestricted.
  • Set permissions to nemo:media_rw - that should not matter too (we are nemo here)
  • Set a symbolic link /media/sdcard -> /run/nemo/sdcard-uid

And after these three steps tracker worked (after tracker reset -e) as expected. Of course after doing these steps in a block I tested again (not per step). What about the symlink? Just poking around…