[][Xperia10ii] Help with logcat "translation" - Trying to figure out why GoogleCamera wont even start

Gd morning!

I am trying to see if 64bit versions of GoogleCamera work on the latest SailfishOS with aarch64 support.
Installation finishes just fine, but the app doesnt even start.
I checked the logcat, and see that the app cannot access the android storage, is this the case?
And if yes, is there any way to grand access to this specific app to write to a specific Storage folder?

Thank you in advance for your time ppl!

Part of the logcat here:
05-28 13:36:32.700 2547 2547 E GoogleCameraEn: Not starting debugger since process cannot load the jdwp agent.
05-28 13:36:32.931 8 15 E cutils : Failed to mkdirat(/storage/-0b37-4799-b09a-82773/Android): Read-only file system
05-28 13:36:32.933 2547 2547 W ContextImpl: Failed to ensure /storage/-0b37-4799-b09a-82773/Android/data/com.google.android.GoogleCameraEng/cache: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to prepare /storage/-0b37-4799-b09a-82773/Android/data/com.google.android.GoogleCameraEng/cache/: android.os.ServiceSpecificException: (code -30)
05-28 13:36:32.936 2547 2547 W CAM_SearchIndexProv: Called onCreate
05-28 13:36:32.939 162 180 I chatty : uid=1000(system) SFThread expire 16 lines
05-28 13:36:32.941 2547 2547 D AndroidRuntime: Shutting down VM
05-28 13:36:32.943 2547 2547 E AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: main