[][Xperia 10ii] Audio level through device speakers louder when played in android apps

Gd morning fellow sailors! :slight_smile:

OK, as you understand, this is not a serious matter, or a bug, but it would be nice if anyone had a solution to this.

I have created a ringtone using an android Wave Editor app, and the mp3 sounded quite loud (acceptable for use as a ringtone).
When jumping to the SFOS side, and try to play the same mp3 file, it sounds significantly weaker (lower), although device media volume is set to full. And, of course, when setting the same mp3 as a ringtone, it immediately “disqualifies” as a ringtone.

I tried playing mp3s with other Android apps, and comparing the sound level with native media players (SFOS player and Unplayer), with exactly the same result; audio sounded louder when played in Android environment.

Is there any “hidden” setting to pump up the max allowed audio volume in the Sailfish environment mixer?

Thank you in advance!