[] on Xperia 10ii - What bugs were crushed

This sum-up list is intended for non-experienced / simple, everyday users, that consider to try the OS.
From a simple user point of view, like myself.

Coming from (Xperia 10ii):
Libraries cache: Documents, Music (sound) and Images libraries were not fully synched, and apps could not have access to your content. Apps like SeaPrint could not have access to your docs, Gallery app would not show your camera images, you couldnt even change your ringtones because Sailfish could not find any music, etc.
-This bug is completely gone

Coming from (Xperia 10 Plus)
3.5mm audio output volume too low:
-Bug fixed, no workarounds required anymore.
BT audio volume too low:
-Bug is still there, at least for some BT devices, like my Huawei Freebuds 3.
Battery drain (up to 15% overnight):
-Fixed, battery drain on standby (and, of course, with the same conditions) is within logical values (2-3% overnight)
Random restarts (about 1 per 2 days):
-Haven’t noticed any restarts at all.
GPS takes 2-3 minutes to get some good signal, even in open space:
-Problem solved with downloadable Jolla positioning data from the store
3G/4G mobile data was difficult to connect (Greece/Cosmote): Whenever I was out and in need of mobile data, it always took more than 1 minute to connect after switching ON (tried all settings to no avail)
-Issue fixed now, connecting in a blink of an eye
Ejecting a USB OTG device restarts the phone:
-Bug fixed

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I keep on reading about this, but I can’t find this item in the store.
What precisely is its name?

It’s not a single package, but there are multiple packages. You should choose one based on your location. Try searching with “Positioning”.

Also there is an app on OpenRepos that includes all the countries the Jolla packaged do not include:


Ah thank you.

I don’t see these packages - is this because i’m still on 4.0.1?

A search in the Jolla Store for “positioning” brings three results right now:
Solar System

Just out of curiousity: What kind of fix is this? And why does installing packages for different reagions fix getting a GPS signal?

Its the so called aGPS (assisted GPS), every device that does not have these data takes longer to lock satelite signal.
These files tell your device where to start looking for the satelites in the sky, which helps locking a lot!

Alright, I get it. Thanks for the explanation.

Yes, you have to update to 4.1 first.

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