[][10ii]UI freezes/flashes and only hard reset resolves it

REPRODUCIBILITY: Happens intermittently on different programs, no clear trigger
REGRESSION: Compared to Xperia X.


The phone will randomly stop responding and only holding the power button to force a shutdown and then holding it to start again resolves this.

More in detail:

  • If the phone is animating something at the time of the lockup it will flash between several frames of the animation.
  • There is no response to touch input and no visual response to volume button input…
  • Short pressing the power button will toggle the screen on/off but whatever is displayed remains displayed.
  • If a call is received while in this state the ringtone will play but there is no way to answer (I will try to trigger an answer from my bluetooth headset if it is connected next time this happens).
  • SSH sessions remain responsive however I have not succeeded in restarting the UI from SSH, the dbus command mentioned here does not work.

Personally I suspect this is a lipstick or wayland failure.


Happens seemingly at random, some days multiple times others not.


Will be happy to add relevant logs you tell me where to look


Yesterday when I connected the phone to developer mode it seemed to happen pretty consistently after putting it in developer mode.

# systemctl --failed
UNIT                   LOAD   ACTIVE SUB    DESCRIPTION              
● dev-mtp.mount          loaded failed failed FFS mount                
● product.mount          loaded failed failed Droid mount for /product 
● system.mount           loaded failed failed Droid mount for /system  
● lxc@multi-user.service loaded failed failed LXC Container: multi-user

I tried

 systemctl --user restart lipstick
 kill -9 [PID of lipstick]

to no avail, lipstick does restart (screen goes blank shortly) and a new PID is seen but the UI remains in the same state, so it would seem to be at a different level then lipstick.
I did not see a wayland service that I could restart though.


When the crash happens sound output also stops.

This bug is anoing as hell and should be fixed immediately. But I think this is a duplicate to bug report Interface randomly freezes when connected to openvpn

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Indeed they do sound similar, though of course that bug report mentions a specific cause in my case it has happened:

  • when simply receiving/ending a call
  • when connecting to developer mode
  • totally at random
  • almost instantly upon reboot after this condition

So either the other bug needs to be rewritten to be more general or it is 2 bugs…

I’m expanding this bug report with some more findings for now.

I do see this now several times a week on my 10 II. I think I only saw it happen once in my first month or so of use, so some change (that I can’t identify) seems to have exacerbated it. I haven’t seen it when receiving a call, but I don’t get a lot of calls. I don’t think I’ve seen it happen while I’m actively using it – except when using a vpn connection – rather it seems to wake up in this condition when I unlock it. Whether the vpn thing is a separate problem with a very similar effect or whether using vpn makes experiencing the bug more likely, I can’t tell.