[] Consistent black-screen(ish) in conjunction with mobile data captive-portal?

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): seemingly 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product): (Kvarken)
HARDWARE (XA2, Xperia 10…): XA2 (Dual Sim)
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): ?


This is a weird one–I don’t know how to describe it concisely. I think I might have run out of mobile data quota from my provider, triggering a “captive portal” notification from them pointing me at comviq.se/mersurf (“more surf”) and cutting my mobile data entirely. In this state when trying to use the music app (possibly coincidental–might just be bad timing), or immediately upon seeing the “login to use this network” popup on startup after reboot, the screen gets completely covered by a black screen.

I can’t seem to dismiss this at all with edge gestures/similar. Some experimenting indicates a sailfish loading spinner shows for a split second after a few seconds into the darkness, horizontally centered and vertically maybe 2cm below the top screen edge. This suggests to me that it’s probably a Qt/Silica overlay gone wrong, rather than more “severe” breakage?

To verify that it is indeed tied to the new captive-portal notification/behaviour or at least the phone network, I took out the SIM card, and after that I can boot the phone just fine, and use it without the cellular connection. After reseating the SIM and rebooting, the black-screen behaviour returns.


Use a SIM where the mobile data connection tries to redirect captive-portal-style. Possibly also related to me currently roaming. Might be dependent on specific providers too: for context, I’m on a Comviq (SE) plan, currently roaming on Vodafone (DE).


  1. Trigger the condition for getting a “login to use this network” popup from the mobile data network
  2. Perform an action that requires internet connectivity? maybe?
  3. Both directly after, and on each subsequent reboot, get a black screen that can’t be dismissed and blocks phone usage.


Works, I can use my phone, etc.


  1. Phone boots, shows the lockscreen
  2. After a few moments, the statusbar indicates 4G connection with full reception, mobile data symbol
  3. I get the captive-portal “you need to login to use this network” notification
  4. While notification is still up, screen “turns black” (completely black, but backlight still on)


As mentioned, I’m currently roaming in DE (Vodafone network), and my plan is an SE plan (Comviq). Not sure whether the roaming condition is relevant.

If there’s a setting to adjust or package that can be strategically uninstalled to temporarily disable the captive-portal behaviour introduced in 4.0.1, then I could test if that would let me work around the issue and continue using the phone with the SIM card in it (if that is indeed the source of the problem–but there’s seeming correlation at least). Ideally without fully uninstalling the web browser…

Right now I can’t really use the phone (well, SIM) at all, which is inconvenient to say the least! :smiley: