[] Cannot find my home WLAN

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): now 100%
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HARDWARE (XA2, Xperia 10…): Xperia 10 II
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My home WLAN used work for few days after the installation of Sailfish OS to Xperia 10 II. Now it cannot find it any more. It shows all other nearby networks, but not that one. WLAN reboot did not help, nor OS reflash. If I add it manually, it says the the network is out of range. All other devices still work with than WLAN (even old Xperia X and Jolla 1).






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I can confirm the same issue on my Xperia 10 Dual Sim ( It works on Android though (same device).

Try to delete the saved network in Settings:System:WLAN -> Saved Networks

Thanks, WT.Sane, but it won’t help. My problem starts at the very beginning. I can’t even set up my device.

Same here. Phone seems to think that this particular WLAN network does not exist at all.

I wonder which channel your network uses and how the phone has set its country settings (wrt. wifi, which might not be the same as locale). Having or not having a SIM can affect that too. It might be that the network is using a channel that the phone thinks to not exist.

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Seems to use channel 12. As far as I know, it should work.

Good point that SIM card. There isn’t one in Xperia 10 II yet. My SIM card is still in old Xperia X. I’ll check that.

Well, channel 12 is not allowed in the US, so until the phone understands that it isn’t there i guess it will be disabled as a precaution.

I’m in Europe. And all other devices work.

Same here! Greece. It works on Android (Xperia 10 Dual SIM - same device as Sailfish)! It seems to find other networks in the neighborhood though.

Yes, but until you put a SIM in the phone, it won’t know that… and be “overly cautious” to put it politely about band support.

Tried it with SIM card. 4G works, but that one single WLAN network is still missing.

I had/have also struggled with home network (hidden name) on SFOS 4.

It did not connect automatically after reboot. Always had to switch off/on WLAN.
But it was found and when selected manually I had to enter passphrase (and also name!) again.

What I would try is to find if connman has this WiFi stored and remove that directory and restart connman

to find the directory (should be /home/./system/var/lib/connman)
find /home -xdev -type d -name connman*

grep -ir YourNetworkSSID aboveFoundDirectory

Remove (devel-su) that directory where a setting file was found.

Then restart connman
devel-su systemctl restart connman
or even reboot

Try again.

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I doubted that suggestion, because even OS reflash didn’t help. However, I enabled developer mode and accessed device from desktop console through USB for checking it. And suddenly the WLAN was there!

I disconnected USB and rebooted phone. WLAN seems to work now.

I have no idea what happened. There were no changes in phone configuration, but my WLAN rebooted itself earlier today. It does that sometimes, because it is partially controlled by apartment complex internet provider.

Release notes says that Xperia 10 II may lose WIFI connection after the first reboot. This may or may not be related.

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Some additional information. Now my WLAN seems to use channel 4. Originally it was 12. Currently this is the best guess for the reason of the problem.


Another WLAN reboot and this time channel 13. Xperia 10 II connection stopped working. So, for now we know that it has problems at least with channels 12 and 13.


I, too, don’t understand why Sailfish fails to use Europe-allowed channels 12-13.
We’re not in the US where only 1-11 channels are supported.

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