[] call recorder doesn't work (file recorded is distorted)

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, Xperia 10…): XperiaX
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): Yes


The file resulting from “call recorder” is not correct! (file recorded is distorted)



  1. Make a call
  2. press the “Call recorder” button
  3. After the call ended :listening to the file recorded is not what to be excepted! (file recorded is distorted)


file recorded is correct


file recorded is distorted


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I have the same bug.

I have remarked that the file recorded for the first time is good (not distorted) but if you record an other call the file will be distorted only if you reboot device.

That’s interesting, the problem of distorted audio recordings had been reported for Android Apps already on Did anybody check, whether native apps have been affected before as well? Were the any native apps for audio recording before the release of 4.1?
Might not be an Alien Dalvik problem.

I have SailfishOS installed on my Xperia X with no Alien Dalvik and since perhaps ver3 : Call native recorded not working!
In this realize ( the first time all is ok (we get file record and we can lessening sound) but if we record anther call without reboot phone we get a distorted file!


of duplicate


And I would not expect a fix anymore as all attention was already on XA2, 10 (with quite some missing/buggy HW adaptation I do not expect to be fixed as well) and now is on 10 II

In my case, sound recorder confirms “call was recorded” but no new file is present.

This is a different topic that a directory needs to be created and @jovirkku posted somewhere (iirc in the 4.01. release thread – no, it was here).

It works for me, as of today. Yesterday I upgraded to 4.1 “Kvarken” from 4.0 “Koli”. I read that Sailfish OS X (I have the Xperia X) “Koli” didn’t include the native call recorder but the settings were all there. I had the same history as others, the OS informed that the recording file was created but the folder was empty. I waited for “Kvarken” and installed that yesterday. Now a file was created but the recording was very garbled (“distorted” as it’s called here.) It happens sometimes on Android too, as on a device of mine running Arrow OS 11.0. The garbled recordings sound very similar from both my devices. On Android, some say the garbled audio comes from a race between two apps fighting to control the microphone, as only one such app is allowed every instance. On the Android device the garbled effect was gone permanently when I removed a companion driver for a Voip Recorder. And on the Sailfish OS device it was gone when I installed the Audio Recorder App by Jolla, in Jolla Store. My only guess is that the Audio Recorder App when installed stops/kills the race condition between the other two Recorders, even if the Audio Recorder App is totally isolated from the native call recorder. - I hope my layman’s findings save some time for others, devs and community alike.

I didn’t do any “Developper settings” nor any folder creation, suggested elsewhere.