[][] It is impossible save or edit a new contacts

I explicitly opened the people’s tab of the phone app - no problem with searching there

I tries changing my locale from Finnish to English (UK) and rebooted my phone, could not reproduce it. I changed the language back to Finnish, rebooted, and now I still can’t reproduce it anymore… Strange…

I did have FI, EN and Emoji layouts active, selecting only Finnish didn’t help there…

I have EN locale and it happens to me as well.
In another (related) thread it was mentioned that restarting home screen would (temporarily) fix this issues. This may be the explanation that’s not reproducible to everyone.

No keyboard for me either when I go to Phone, People and select Search.

I too cannot enter new contacts or edit existing contacts when they are accessed from the Phone app. When you tap on the field you want to enter or edit no keyboard is displayed.

If you access the contact from the People app then the keyboard is displayed then entries and edits can be made.

Confirm it on my XA2 under

I confirm same problem!
I have no keyboard accessing cards via phone/contacts - I can’t edit any card,
I can add new contact after receiving a call but no name entry possible !
The only way to edit is to access contact cards via friends app from app menu.
Xperia Xa2 Plus
I could get :friends" app name incorrect cause my locale is polish

Confirmed on Xperia XA2 Dual

Did you restart the home screen via sailfish utilities (in the settings app)?

I restarted the phone.

Restarting the home screen should already do it

I meant that even restarting the phone did not help.

Agreed, this happens for me as well.

Adding contacts at the People tab of Phone app is fixed. The fix will be delivered in the upcoming Sailfish OS release.


It’s not fixed on the early release version of It’s still happening

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Darn. There appears to be some timing glitch. It sometimes works (usually after a reboot) but not always.


It does work sometimes as I discovered today.

I have also diffuculties to add new contact. But then I realised when I type number to dialler and then drag downwards on display and from up appear menu where you can save, link or send message. Is this menu called pulley menu?

Pulley describes the way to access it. Whenever you have an accented line at the bottom or top that onfolds into a list of option when you pull it up/down, it is a pulley

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