[4.0.1.x] UI element changes

Can a list of changes to QML UI elements please be published?

In gPodder the dropdown menu of Episodes was broken by the latest update, it uses IconContextMenu a change to plain ContextMenu displays the full menu with text as multiple rows instead of the old style but this does not display properly on SFOS 3.x (in the emulator).

Is IconContextMenu missing a mistake? Is it a planned change? What is the proposed replacement?

In the current state pushing an update for early adaptors is hard since it breaks older versions.


Also IconMenuItem stopped working.

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@vige any chance you can get us this info?

May I suggest you take this to the next community meeting: Community meeting on IRC 11th Feb 2021 ? If I’m not mistaken, we haven’t yet reached the 3 day deadline for new topics.

/Edit - turns out I still missed some namespace fixes.

Hi @sledges is it wise to introduce new items with generic names that clash with names that may already be in use? For actively developed applications we’ll fix it but other stuff will break.

This was discussed in the meeting: