[4.0.1.x] SCP/SFTP to device fails

Ever since the 4.0 update I am unable to copy files from my computer to my phone using SCP I am able to use scp after logging in to the phone to copy from my computer.

I suspect that it may be related to the bash/busybox switch but I haven’t really had time to troubleshoot this. Anyone else having these issues?

Does scp print out any error why it’s failing? Or a special return code perhaps? If so, could you share them? I cannot reproduce the issue myself, so it would be hard for me to help you.

Return code is 1.
When running in non-verbose mode I get a single message which is not an error as far as I know:

Running with -v doesn’t add any error messages only debug1.

When trying to use sftp instead of scp I get
Received message too long 1313821769
Ensure the remote shell produces no output for non-interactive sessions.

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In /etc/profile.d/developer-profile.sh, there’s a list of BLACKLIST_VALUES. Try adding CONNECTIONAGENT_TRACING to the list. Be careful about the whitespaces, it’s quite delicate.

We should have a fix for this “feature” in 4.1.0 release.


Cool that fixed things! Thanks @vige