[] Text prediction suggestions does not scroll

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): Always
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, Xperia 10…): Xperia X
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): Yes

DESCRIPTION:When writing an SMS or any text with prediction activated, the words suggested is limited to the current width of the screen. It does not scroll further to offer more words.

PRECONDITIONS:None to my knowledge


  1. Write new SMS
  2. Start writing and suggestions will appear
  3. Try scrolling to see more words offered

EXPECTED RESULT: The word suggestions bar should scroll and offer more words

ACTUAL RESULT: The suggestions bar scrolls a little bit but stops short of one half word. The whole keyboard scrolls by the way a pixel in the same direction which is strange.


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Check on Notes:

  • typed in: dino
  • it scrolls, but…
  • “dinosaur” and “Dion” get suggested and highlighted but tapping on it does nothing.
  • lock screen, unlock screen, go to editing mode,
  • highlightening is cleared,
  • scrolling starts to highlight stuff,
  • tapping on a highlighted suggestions un-highlighted and makes it selectable…

Looks random…
SMS app seems to also behave that way…


It happens on my XA2+ on Android Apps (WhatsApp, Signal etc) as well.

Same here…XA2,

I can confirm it happens also on an Xperia 10 with

Here is a screenshot from the Notes app. Quite stange operation. You can select many words but the word “Dog” I wrote cannot be replaced! I am having Xperia X.


I was able to reproduce it, by enabling another keyboard layout. I then have the error with every keyboard language. Disabling all but one keyboard makes the problem go away.


Yes same issue here.

Same for me, Xperia XA2

can confirm for on XA2. Tested with the notes app

I’m rather disappointed that 4.0.1 didn’t fix this issue and all the other small one that were introduces with Instead a very unfinished version was released to the public. Let’s wait for some months for the next update and hope that some or hopefully most of those issues are resolved. I’m rather skeptical, though.

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There appear to be many mini-bugs (scrolling of text predictions, small bug in Android support etc.) that should be fixed with an intermediate release, i.e. not in months but within weeks (that’s what I hope, at least, although it would be a novel approach)

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In my xperia x, I have problems with the horizontal prediction list, but the vertical prediction list in the landscape keyboard works without problems.