[][][] Text prediction suggestions does not scroll

This is slightly annoying with alphabet-based language layouts. But with character-based languages (like Chinese) it becomes nearly impossible to input some words that aren’t in the list of most frequent 3-4 first suggestions. And since the quality of suggestions is nowhere near more mature systems, it’s a real problem.

Is there any plans to fix this in the near future?


Have you tried landscape screen? I don’t have problems with the vertical prediction list. Only with the horizontal. Might help a bit.


Hah, that does work! Thanks!

Ironically orientation recognition has also been unstable since a few releases ago. Rebooting usually helps, and then it gets stuck again after a while.

Will this also be fixed in 4.2?

Fixed in my X and 10 in release

This issue was not really fixed to 4.2.0, unfortunately. Hopefully to the next.


It does work correctly sometimes which was not the case with the previous versions.

Fixed on the upcoming release.


Seems to be fixed in Could not reproduce this bug since yesterday .

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