[] "Contacts saved on the device are no longer synced to all accounts, only the account you have chosen"

This statement is from the release notes - section People:

  • Contacts saved on the device are no longer synced to all accounts, only the account you have chosen

Means, that each contact has at least one source: phone, and maybe more synced accounts like Google or NextCloud in parallel and these can only be edited for one part/source and no merging possible.

Some question arise with that:

  • how can I manage for each contact, or better for all contacts at once, this sync-accounts? Like to have all contacts synced to various accounts in parallel: add a sync-account to all contacts at once.
  • how can I enrich/combine the data from different accounts into one dataset for each contact? If my local phone-part of a contact does not have the phone number included, WhatsApp will not know this contact at all :unamused:


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Moreover: during the adding of a new contact on the phone you can only chose one (1) sync-account!

This breaks the whole concept of syncing as backup to different accounts: either you have the contact on the phone and available for WhatsApp but not synced to Google - or vice-verse: having it synced to Google and not even available for the Phonebook - not to mention WhatsApp (were this contact is also not available).

This is not a feature but a design flaw.

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I haven’t even found a way to sync any of the contacts I have on my device to Google. (I added my Google account only after I upgraded to 4, all contacts are stored locally.)
What happened on a so-called 2-way-sync was that the 1 test contact i had added to Google contacts before got synced to my device. That’s all. I see no way in the UI to upload/backup/save/sync whatever you call it the old, locally stored contacts to Google. Thats an absurd situation.

But this now explains to me what happend in the past:

I added another sync-account (nextcloud) and only those contacts added afterwards were synced to this account not the already existing ones.

As you said: an absurd situation which should be solved ASAP.