[] Backupfile on SD card is empty

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, Xperia 10…): Xperia X
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): ?

DESCRIPTION: Making a backup on my wifes phone creates a file that is not gzip compressed and is empty (0 Byte)



  1. Create manual backup to SD card
  2. UI says compressing data (for a very long time)
  3. Check backup: sailfish_backup_2021-02-18xxx.tar (0B)
  4. Note lack of .gz extension and size of archive
  5. Create manual backup to OneDrive
  6. Check backup: sailfish_backup_2021-02-18xxx.tar.gz (304Kb)
    Note: backup to OneDrive does not contain photo’s from main storage.


A compressed backup file on SD, a backup with photos in OneDrive


A empty backup file on SD, a backup without photos in OneDrive



Hm… I remember from previous-previous versions images/pictures/gallery not to be saved at all. Got used to it, and fine for me.
As of now, text message says (translated from German): 'The following data is saved: Accounts, Browser, Gallery, Messages, Notes, Contacts, Phone.
Honestly I never checked. I addressed the SD card to the camera app, so the pictures I take are stored to the SD card. IMHO the backup size would increase dramatically if photos were backup’d as well.
And again, BUT: If the hint on GUI says “Gallery is saved”, the the gallery should really be saved indeed.

UPDATE: No Photos in my BackUp file either.
Gallery/blobs/Pictures/Screenshots contains a couple of files
Gallery/blobs/Pictures/Camera is empty
GUESS this is for the reason I told my camera to store images on SD card, but BackUp considers device memory only? on Xperia XA2.
Edit: My .tar BackUp archive is ~41MB in size. Gallery = Pictures folder (on SD card!) is way larger, even if “compressed”.

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There’s a thread about backup failing on „Notes”. I had this issue, my backup always failed with some stupid error message. Why is sailfish gzipping Gallery? gzipping videos and pictures is mostly useless. Jolla, please just make a proper apps/settings backup and copy gallery contents.

Here on 4.2 the text sais specifically that the gallery is not included.

Then you most likely have selected a cloud account as backup target.
Local backups to SD should include gallery, remote backups do not.

True. Sorry, didn’t read closely enough.

I did not try a cloud account. All I can speak of is backup to SD card.
Using SF OS on Sony Xperia XA 2.
The folder of the .tar backup file Gallery/blobs/Pictures/Camera is empty - and so is Gallery/data
I instructed the photo App to store images to SD card
The text for Backup says (quote German): Daten manuell sichern auf Speicherkarte. Die folgenden Daten werden geischert: Konten, Browser, Galerie, Nachrichten, Notizen, Kontakte, Telefon

So this is either an issue of
a) Photos from SD card are missing in backup, and/or
b) German translation of Gallery not included (nephros) above?