[ EA] Caldav custom colors get lost on sync

I have two caldav synced servers with multiple calendars each. As the server supplied colors collide, I simply override the colors in the calendar app. That used to work fine :slight_smile:

Since upgrading to EA, while I can still change the colors in the app and the changes get properly propagated to other views like the events view, they change back to the server supplied colors after re-syncing or restarting the calendar app. I presume the later triggers a resync, so that may be the same technical issue.

Is that already a known issue? I wouldn’t know where to look for it. But it’s a tad bit annoying :wink:


@rozgwi Thanks for the update. I wasn’t sure it’s a bug or an error on my side - so I didn’t file it as a report. But thanks for moving it.

Well, it sounds like a regression to me at least.
But I’m just a tier 3 lurker :wink:. The Jolla team might decide to recategorize it.

Sorry I didn’t think in advance to the user defined overriding of notebook color when we simplified the code in the QML bindings handling notebook colors with @chris.adams. To rationalize the code there, we defined the color definition in a unique place : the notebook as stored on device by mKCal. Previously, it was also stored in QSettings in addition to the notebook itself. This simplification has the advantage to defined the color in one place only instead of dispersing it into two locations. Sadly, it is impacting the user overridden value since each sync is actually resetting to server value.

Having think about the functionality you want and the fact to have the color in one place only, I arrive to the conclusion that the sync code was to blame. I’m proposing https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/buteo-sync-plugin-caldav/merge_requests/77 to fix this. We’re going to discuss with @chris.adams to see if this is a good fix. In short, it will apply the server value only when this value changes. As long as it is untouched server-side, the overridden value on device will be kept.


I reported this problem already during testing of cbeta version images, but i don’t know, if the bug report is already created.

Just encountered this today after setting up nextcloud. Indeed it happens when you close and open calendar app a gain and it syncs… Really annoying because now my personal calendar color is the same as second calendar color.

At your own risk, you may try this package :

  • To install it : devel-su pkcon install-local buteo-sync-plugin-caldav-0.1.75-1.armv7hl.rpm
  • to return to the version by Jolla : devel-su pkcon install buteo-sync-plugin-caldav

This is a compilation of the version available in plus the commit I spoke about some messages above.

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Thank you. I tried it but I got error:
Fatal error: Could not resolve: buteo-sync-plugin-caldav-0.1.75-1.armv7hl.rpm

EDIT, just rered your commend, I first have to download it :blush:

Thanks for this post. This is now fixed and it will be available in the upcoming releases.