[3.4.0 onwards] Bluetooth turning on doesn't work

+1 on Xperia X Compact SFOS BT re-enabling still broken :frowning: Maybe 4.4 gonna fix this annoying issue.

We should have held a birthday party for this ticket. It is already one year + 3 releases old


@DrDweeb, @Sthocs, @Xeno_PL: Does the workaround @senders posted above solve the issue for you? It did for me (Xperia X).

@deloptes: Yes we should’ve have brought some :birthday: to give it @senders for finding a solution. and a :cake: to @jovirkku for keeping this on his radar

Thanks senders! You’ve made my Bluetooth connected day(s)!


Great that you pointed to the sanders analyses and solution - does it work on the 4.3? Because on the 4.3. it happens randomly that it does not work.
I mean from my perspective the issue is still not solved and there are other issues related to BT, where I opened other bug reports.
This is why I was so pissed that the software banned me, so I will not say anything bad … but only that I am very pissed. It happens that I have to remove pairing and pair again right after I start the car. This is frustrating and regression compared to previous versions.

I demand a sense for quality from Jolla. PLEASE!

And thank you all guys !

I am no expert to check it thoroughly but I think Jolla is working on it: see https://github.com/mer-hybris/bluetooth-rfkill-event/pull/8

it has been merged and is likely being tested. Not clear if it is coming along next update and if it solves the issue for all.

No @rozgwi, I don’t use BT that much anymore so I can wait for Jolla’s fix, but thanks for testing yourself! And congrats Jolla for actually making us so trendy :smiley:: Why I'm thrilled that wired headphones are 'trendy' again

Thank you for the liberal enema and confirming that I have been always trendy, however the jack on the Xperia X is very sensitive and does knuckle all the time which makes volume go up and down. The jack on the 10 II is better, but also knuckles although the phone is few months old and I almost did not use it.
Ah and before you tell something. I tried different jacks, excluding golden ones :confused:

Also I would never wear something wireless close to my brain (remember 1in distance according FCC AFAIR). But for the car BT is the best choice.

Thank you also for the link. I could at least test this and adopt it if it works until it goes into the main branch

It seems, that’s the culprit, after BT is disabled, hciattach process stays on. Killing it manually allow BT to start properly next time and successfully connect to the other devices.
So yep, workaround works

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