emulator ssh connection failure

On the advice of martyone posting here that the 3.4 emulator seems to not work (4.x seems TO work) with the latest, 3.4 SDK.

I’m working directly against a phone for the time being.

(Apologies for the late reply - I missed your post.)

Indeed, due to a bug in Sailfish SDK 3.4, the emulator is nonfunctional. Emulators for other Sailfish OS versions work well.

Deployment to a emulator fails with error:

ssh: Could not resolve hostname 10.220.220.a: Name or service not known

It can be worked around by manually fixing the configuration files under the Sailfish SDK installation directory like with this sed invocation:

sed -i 's/<index>a/<index>10/' ~/SailfishOS/vmshare/devices.xml \

(Assuming that the SDK installation directory is ~/SailfishOS.)

After that restart the emulator. Needs to be repeated whenever devices configuration changes.

Thanks! I’ve actually just been going directly to device since I have a second SFOS device now. It’s better in any case…

Just to confirm that it works with index 1.