A brief thank you for the update

Reading about many complains and issues here I feel like I have to say thank you for the recent update.
I didn’t experience any (real) issuses when upgrading (and after the upgrade) except for I ran out of root space during the upgrade, which could easily be solved by restarting the phone and then reinvoking the upgrade process (sfos-upgrade from storeman was very helpful regarding this, since it features a consistency check function). All well since, and I have the impression that everything runs more smoothly again. Regarding the browser - yes, it’s not the current gecko engine, but still it’s like a milestone compared to the previous one (and eventually usable now) and let’s hope that Jolla will keep the browser engine more recent in the future as well.
The only thing I’m still missing is VoLTE/VoWiFi support but well. I know that’s quite a task.
I guess the upgrade went well for most users (thats the quite majority not complaining here), and I hope the others will get their system fixed again.

Great work Jolla! Keep it up! THANK YOU!


One really cool thing: On my XA2 the mobile network is detected immediately after boot up.


Let’s hope in a month – couple of weeks we will recieve stable release.

The only thing I’m still missing is VoLTE/VoWiFi support but well.

Might be connected I think, the thing Sailfish also lacks is video communication means , Skype, Wire, etc. The others on other side (Android, Apple) will be able to adapt, as they have plethora of choises, and we on thr Sailfish still have none unless we are with the newest Xperia generation and can use Android implementation of video telephony, which might still be problematic (as I have heard).


RCS support would also be nice.


The browser update is very nice as now I can access many websites that did not load properly before.


I could imagine Video support will be coming to one of the 5 Telegram clients sooner or later.
The developer of Fernschreiber seems quite capable and sending him bottles of whiskey is allegedly the best way to show appreciation, so I’ve heard. :grinning:
For some using SIP may also help to bridge the gap as long as VoLTE is not around.
Has been my little secret for avoiding roaming charges for decades.