Sony X can't find update to


we have 4 Sony X with 3 of 4 find and run the update to On of this don’t find the new version of What is the problem, what can we do?

Greeting Markus

You can always activate the developer tools and force it to upgrade to version

Quick how to.

Activate developer mode and give it a password (remember the password you need it)

Open a terminal and type in

devel-su ssu re
That changes the version number. After that upgrade with
devel-su version --dup
This will take a while and after that it ran it will ask you to reboot.

Hope that helps you to get it up to date.

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Same here. One of my Xperia X was stuck on a previous version and could not find any updates.
I did the version --dup thing which, after a reboot, was stuck on the white Sony screen for hours. Ended up reflashing the device after that and it seems to work just fine now but, as there’s no newer SFOS version out yet, I can’t tell if this also solved the updater issue.

What does the command ssu lr say to you?
Date/time correct on the phone?
Can you install apps from Jolla Store possible? (i.e., signed-in to Jolla account at “Settings > Accounts”?)

Enable developer mode,
open Terminal,
type ssu --help

It’s a repository + configuration + device management.

ssu lr is list configured repositories.

So much to this,
I have the same problem as @jolle_mgolbs_JOLLA on one of my devices:

I have one Xperia 10 Dual SIM / SFOS, that’s my daily driver and it reports ‘update is available’. (I did not yet update)
I have also another Xperia 10 Single SIM / SFOS, that’s my ‘experimental phone’, where are no important datas on it. This phone does also not see the update and says ‘no updates available’.

I tried in dev-mode and normal.

edit: now I follow the steps @leszek recommends, and it downloads now the update. But it stopped at 37%. So I started surfing the internet with another computer connected to the same internet access to keep the connection open, that I have via cellular net here. So download started again from itself… and still downloading.

edit: it did hang long time (abt 10 minutes), but continues downloading now from itself.

edit: It finished download after abt. 75 minutes and shell prompt appeared again. I rebooted with shutdown -r now -> worked fine.
Phone seems to work and remembers unlock code and fingerprint. Mail accounts are broken. will delete them and re-enter… done, OK. GPS also works as before

Update seems to be OK