rokua *without* encryption?

After my Xperia X crashed twice in a row (device reflashed twice), I suspect there are serious issues with the device encryption, which is applied by default in case of fresh install (not in case of upgrade from a previous OS version).
Is there an option to NOT encrypt? Or should I first flash my phone with an old OS version then upgrade to


I am not sure about the X but for XA2 and 10 it is true that since 3.3 the encryption is enabled.
So the way you described is right and the reason I have downloaded all images for all devices as of 3.2.x.x…

But what does ‘crash’ mean.??
Installation of any app (Defender?), or what circumstance?

Suddenly, the phone fails to boot, stuck with the “Sony” logo. This issue seems to be announced by repeated install errors (“package not found”) with Storeman or with pkcon.

As this happened three times now, I’m dropping the Xperia until further notice (i.e. until there is an option to not encrypt, or an acceptable fix by the Jolla team). I love my old Jolla phone.

EDIT - Maybe I should mention that I did NOT reinstall Defender on the encrypted device, as I was warned about the problems it may cause.

So then you might try it once more to find the culprit, the one app that crashes also the X?
Reflash, install one app after the other and reboot after each install.
Only chance to find out (as was done to find defender being the one for the 10, and now XA2 and X).

Sure. Will do so when I’m retired.

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Okay, I reflashed my XperiaX once again, first with Nuuksio, then upgraded to Rokua to avoid encryption. The device seems to be stable again. Fingers crossed.

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How did you do that? Where can one download Nuuksio?

Interesting question.

I am a conservative user: I kept it from previous install (now Jolla denies downloading older releases). I’m afraid this is the only way to avoid device encryption.


Darn…I wish I kept my older installation files so I could try it out.

Hopefully, sfos3.4 comes with an opt-out. Anyway, this device encryption with a 5-digit key is just a joke.

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I’d like to hope too, but there is little hope according what’s written:
Note that it will become mandatory to set up the security code during the initial startup of 3.4.0 (and later). https://jolla.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011115540

Okay. So let’s make it clear: unless device encryption becomes serious, i.e. with a true LUKS keyphrase/fingerprint plus an opt-out choice, plus a bug correction to prevent encrypted devices from freezing when some undefined apps or patches are installed, I will stick to the method described above to avoid it.

Otherwise, encryption in its current status is not only a joke but a no-go feature, as it offers false privacy and doesn’t allow the user to keep using the tools he used to be happy with before ‘upgrading’.

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And this.

There is a way to do this. After flashing you must boot the device to recovery mode, open shell and remove file /var/lib/sailfish-device-encryption/encrypt-home from root partition. With that removed, it won’t create LUKS container for home partition on first boot. I don’t recommend doing this but it is possible to skip the encryption on first boot this way.


Why can’t you recommend it? Are there other flaws except for “not encrypted”?
The SFOS encryption has been decrypted on security fairs within seconds to minutes I read.

Now you are reading a bit too much to that sentence. As far as I know, there aren’t any flaws there. The supported configuration is to encrypt the device, have the security code on and so on. Like with many things you can hack it as much as you like but if it breaks because of that you can keep both parts.

Could you share your source for that?

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It was in the old sf forum. Someone was on a securety fair and there were hacker specialists from Israel. He gave his device to them and it was decrypted very fast. The only thing they could not access that easily were mediatek phones with locked bootloader from what I remember about that post.

Thanks a lot. All problems my Xp 10 had, even after a fresh flash, are gone that way. (almost) No more device crashes, reboots, stuck screens etc… and it is much, really really much faster that way.
EDIT: sadly it started making me mad again, so it is not the encryption, even if it runs faster. Device became unresponsive again. Pressing off on off on off on off on helps always. Really very very strange, but I freak out because of that.