100% Jolla made tune. With a little help from our f

This is one made with tools on SFOS: https://poetaster.de/sfos/jolla.mod.mp3


Really cool jazzy(ish) tune.

Can you list the tools you used?

Jolla’s audio recorder

Although most of the work, the sequencing was just ‘lifted’ from the first default demo of bassoontracker. Tinytune by nuke of anarchy. I was testing sample mods, and lifted sounds I hade made while recording a practice session (trombone stuff) … just plugged into a sample in Tinytune. I liked it, and lifted another sample from a ring tone that I remembered. That sounded even better :wink: Most of the percussion is the original.

So it’s a remix :slight_smile:

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OK. I though it was made from scratch with SFOS tools and was thinking how on earth i missed all those apps.

One questions:
Do you also have Demoscene-Roots?

It could be made from scratch, but I discovered it by happy accident. Sometimes when I’m in a hurry I do a quick recording of something on the drums on the phone. Cut a sample out in audiocut and plunk it in bassoontracker. There you go. But, frankly, it’s not the most comfortable editing.

Not directly. I’m older than that :wink: Late 1980s, early 1990s media art and club visuals culture. Used to build audio-visual synths up to football stadium size gigs. Also a spell 1999-2005 with numerous visuals programming for clubs and so on. Some straightforward art, too :slight_smile: