XZ2 Compact or Xperia 10 III

Well. I guess there are easier projects for someone, whose programming skills don’t go far beyond “Hello world” in 5 different languages (including German and English) and basic knowledge of Python yet :rofl:

@rinigus I just take the chance to thank you again for the great port!

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Porting doesn’t require much programming, usually even no programming at all. Just have to have patience, interest and asking questions at SFOS porters IRC channel :slight_smile:

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Yes, I took a look at the HADK documentation after I wrote that. But the next four months I am still busy with my master thesis… But today I had an XZ2 compact in my hands. A nice device :wink:

What is your opinion on the non-free BLOBS?

Its the most sane phone to run SFOS on (from what is available).

10mk3, of course.
I want a smaller phone, but xz2c was relevant when 10mk1 came out. Now it’s obsolete.

Obsolete? Did you run benchmarks to compare 10ii or 10iii with the xz2 compact? Or does something not work on the xz2c compared to official devices (except VolTe or 5G)? It’s still an extremely capable device even today. I’m very satisfied using it as daily driver. And yes, I don’t own a 10iii, but a 10ii. I definitely prefer the xz2c. But that’s just me.

I have a XZ2 Compact as Daily Driver for some Weeks now, its a very fast Device:

Speed was never an issue with the XZ2c. The main issues are aosp related (ie camera focus and battery life).

HW wise it would be nice to have 5G and wireless charging but those are not a deal breaker. The rest issues are common to all ports and sfos.

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I like Sony Xperia X Compact as a smaller piece better than xz2c. Sony should shorten the 10 series 25mm and release as compact.

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I was migrating from Xperia X and considered XZ2c: the small form factor is one of the three feature I absolutely need. I ended up with Xperia 10 ii (same form factor of 10iii) because they are almost equal in orizontal lenght. X10iii is only longer but still stays comfortable in a jeans pocket or in jackets, suits, and so on.
Another point is that XZ2c is fat compared to 8.3mm of X10iii (XZ2c is 12.1mm).
The battery capacity is the second factor that led me to choose the Xperia 10ii (10iii have even a larger battery).
Let us know your experience when you have decided!

I have decided that I’ll try an XZ2c. I haven’t flashed it yet, but I’ll try in the new year and let you know how it went!

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Dont forget the XZ1 Compact, its the same Form-Factor like the X Compact but much more Powerful. Sadly there isn’t a port around. And its too much work for me to try it. So i stay with the XZ2 Compact.

Hm, the XZ2c is still in front of me on the table and is not unlocked yet. I don’t really dare because I’m afraid of having an unusable phone (because of the touchscreen). Probably no one here wants to sell her/his XZ2c in decent condition without hypersensitive display, right?

You can even use lineageos 20 on xz2c…

I guess that isn’t something you can do with your daily driver? Or do you have some image with backup at your hand and flash back and forth?

I am using xz2c with los20 as daily driver, because i need fastcharge! I have other sfos devices, backup works well with both os…

Re porting & daily driver: I started by getting xz2 and ported SFOS over there. with the port running and used as daily driver, I’ve got xz2c for development. So, to reply to your question - you first port on non-daily driver and get it running. after that, it is a matter of choice.

backups are also possible and I have used those as well. for tama port, there is a special section in the main repo on how to make backups. not sure it is up to date, if something fails please figure out what and fix the docs via PR.

Well, in fact that means that someone (especially inexperienced with porting) needs reasonably at least two similar devices if she/he wants to be prepared to take over your great job when/if VoLTE becomes mandatory in your country or your devices breaks some day.