Xperia 10 + XA2 4G battery consumption

Sounds like it is terrible compared to the stats/usage you mentioned. However with 4G on in my case (despite I am in the house on WiFi) I have to charge at the end of the day, so it is even worse…

I have added some conditions to the setup in Situations to prevent radio apps or streaming apps as well as phone calls from being interrupted.

From the theory of transmission the different energy consumption of the devices could simply be caused by weaker connections. If you are in a good position to receive and sent your carrier on LTE the transmission should be possible with relatively low energy on the UE (Smartphone) side.
If the connection is bad you need more energy as well for the decoding, but mainly for the transmission. And this makes a huge difference already on the theoretical side. So I would not be surprised, if the connection strength makes a enormous difference in the battery life.

(From here i get some figures: “See 3GPP TS 36.101, §6.3.2 for minimum transmit power of -40 dBm, with maximum transmit power of 23 dBm the power control range is 63 dB.”)

The weaker signal has been suggested many times but I have perfect 4G signal at home (where I spend most of my time atm…). I’m tired of people not suffering from this issue constantly trying to suggest this is not a bug and somehow I’m using my device wrong or I have wrong assumptions about how long the battery should last.

I have had this with three different devices and many versions of Sailfish. The only thing common with these three devices is that all have had the same operator (Finnish Elisa). I have even had the SIM card replaced between the devices. Maybe I should just get a prepaid SIM card from another operator and “prove” this.