Xperia 10 III - recovery does not recover [Help please]

Add ~/.qmf directory to MyBackup.
That includes ~/.qmf in the archieve in MyBackup/data/users/100000/files/.qmf

Restoring in another device doesn’t work though: ~/.qmf is not created.
I restored .qmf from the tar, but messages don’t display.

It seems that:

  • the accounts restored from bkp don’t preserve their IDs
  • mail db has a dependency on the account ID

I will try to figure out what is easier (or at least achievable)

  • adjust mail db to refer to the new account IDs ( several tables involved, related to folders, messages…)
  • adjust the accounts db so that my email account matches the id it had on the old phone where the mail backup was taken.

I would love to have /var/lib/bluetooth backed up to be able to restore Bluetooth pairings. Is there a way to add folders outside of /home/defaultuser/ to MyBackup?

AFAICT the backup process is running under the current user account with privileged egid, meaning that even if system directories could be copied to the backup (i.e. if they are readable by the user) they couldn’t be restored from the backup. That’s why I restricted the choice to the directories under the user home.

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