Xperia 10 II - Will Jolla Offer a Refund?

I have been a Jolla user since the Jolla 1 phone.

I have purchased Sailfish X for Sony Xperia X and XA2 phones.

As Jolla promoted the Xperia 10 II phone I invested in one.

It turns out there is no working upgrade path to Xperia 10 II.

I have a £300 phone I cannot export contacts or vital user data to which renders it useless.

This is not beta software.

How will Jolla address this?

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I am pretty you will not get any answer on that here, neither from the community nor (and especially) from Jolla.

I guess your chances are higher if you rephrase and go a bit more into details what is not working for you and probably receive some help or solution or workaround?


Details are here.

I expect a reply from Jolla.

This forum is not the official support or help desk.
You can expect an a
(–edit :wink: official) answer (–edit :wink: from Jolla) but it will not come via this forum. Please use

But as you now provided your real problem, maybe we can help out:

  • enable developer mode

  • issue following command:

    ln -s /home/defaultuser /home/nemo

and try again…


To prove @peterleinchen wrong, here is a “community answer”:
There sure is, to which extent depends on your skills and endurance.

As SailfishOS user for long, I cannot concur with this assessment.

Most likely they won’t, and IMO correctly so, as long as you fail to point to an explicit, public statement of Jolla, which announced this to work properly.

Mind that you only seem to have evaluated very few high-level migration paths, yet.


I’ve copied my contacts from Xperia XA2 Plus to Xperia 10 II by sharing them from the People app:

People > Select Contacts > Select all > Share > Email


Try download the archive with backup from Dropbox on PC, and extract from it the all.vcf file which is in ./People/data. Then import the file in Sailfish, in Settings > Apps > People.


That does not work either.

I moved contaxts by using Bluetooth. Paired my XA2 with xperia 10 II
Selected all contacys on XA2 and using share function sent them via BT to 10II works really nice .


Thanks, that worked.

Tried it, and I got “Could not load page” after selecting my .vcf file. It was 633 contacts, not sure if that’s why?

Update: I was trying through the People App. If I went through Settings->Apps->People it worked.