Xperia 10 app 64bit

Hi. my jolla 1 is broken, so i look for new phone, but in o see a lot of app in aarch64 ; xperia 10 phone supported for those, or is better choosing starting now xperia 10 II ?

Thank you

Xperia 10 does not support aarch64 apps, but are there really any apps that doesn’t also have armv7hl?
I doubt that. There is really no advantage to using most apps in 64 bit mode vs 32.

Similar question answered here already:

The 10 II is the better phone, but a couple of apps are not available in aarch64, it is still the initial software version (with spelling correction missing)… and it is more expensive.
I think it is worth it, but the regular 10 is still a good choice, especially if it is significantly cheaper. Just make sure you don’t bend it.

Ok, thank you! and are a particular difference of resources form 10 to 10 plus with sailfish os? i have read the for android the difference can be appreciate.

I assume you mean CPU, RAM and such when you say resources? I haven’t tried, but I’d assume the difference is similar here, faster is faster… but with the lower speced one being less bad.

If you are already considering spending more and/or want a faster device, do consider the 10 II.

yes i mean cpu and ram; well i have read a review for 10; the review, with android, indicated a little lack of resources, that probabilly with sailfish isn’t so important ; what do you think about?

The 10 II is slightly lighter than the Xperia 10, and it’s waterproof. And the max on board storage is larger (128 GB). And two more cameras, which can now be used with Piggz Advanced Camera.

And stereo speakers in the 10 II! Which didn’t seem to work with Android . . . not totally sure if I had something set wrong, but I couldn’t find it when I looked.


I’m sticking to what i said, but i’ll rephrase:
There is nothing wrong with the 10, everything, including performance is just fine.
Since you came from a J1 i assume you are not really suuuper performance sensitive.
Android reviewers will always try to notice micro-differences, because the reality is that everything really is fine and has been for many years (which doesn’t give anything to write in the review).

If you can get it at a good price (say 10 at <200 vs 10 II at >300€) and don’t expect to use it for forever, go right ahead. Sidenote: 10 II is 250€ here in Sweden, little reason to get anything else then, imo.
If you want a better phone and want to get a long lifetime from it, look at the 10 II over a 10 Plus, just be aware of that it is slightly early.
The waterproof-ness, and larger storage (especially that you get a bigger partition to play with) is quite nice.


Ok, thank you have told me the informations that i need about.

thank you again.

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Excuse me another stupid question: in 10 II can running only 64bit app or also old 32 bit app?


Only 64-bit, aka aarch64.