XA2 plus with 6GB ram worth it?

But is ís confusing. We know that VoLTE is only possible on the 10 II and III because these newer devices are suitable and because Jolla made it possible. It was a popular subject on this forum. So 4G on an XA2 can never be VoLTE. But it can be 4G and it can also switch to 3G or even 2G during a call. Remarkable: I tried calling over 2G on my 10 III and in my place this is even faster than over 4G (beta).

Exactly, Kea. 4G on XA2 is only for Internet access and if you make or take a phone call it changes automatically to 3G or 2G. After finishing the call, the phone changes back to 4G. Therefore it may last a few seconds until full data speed comes back after ending a call and data speed is very slow or not available while talking.

That explains it, yes!

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I might totally be out of the boat but… Many years ago, weren’t there already softwares (was it skype already?) that could allow people to make voicecalls through IP?
Why would we absolutely need Volte on XA2?
If one of these softwares were available, would it also work?

You need a separate account with a voip provider.
It has it’s own phone number, not your cell number for anyone calling you.
You will pay to make calls using it as it won’t be part of your cellular plan.
You may not be able to SMS or you will pay to do so.
It is not wonderfully reliable especially for incoming calls. (though frankly, neither is my cellular connection)

The native voip app S1P works, and I use it for international calling. Oh and skype works pretty well in alien dalvik.


It’s a good phone in terms of battery life compared to Xperia 10 / 10 plus. I had this 6GB version but unfortunately dropped it badly. I recommend to use a screen protector not made out of glass.

Thanks everyone for your valuable input. I really appreciate it!

I ordered XA2 plus today, hopefully ebay seller checks out :crossed_fingers:

I’ll write here my impressions how XA2+ with 6GB fares against XA2 classic and X10 III


I still think an Xperia 10ii is the best choice available.
'Cause of the support of cource.

Xperia 10 iii has a much better CPU and stronger battery and costs only a few Euros more.

I have, and use, both phones. XA2+ 6GB, and 10iii. Beside not having volte, which I’m not needing (yet), I’m superhappy with XA2. I love the form factor, screen is perfect for me and it is general very reliable. While the 10iii has caused me a lot of headaches. The biggest one, not being able to send/receive mms. So my 2-cent is XA2 all days a week.


And is the XA2+ gps working well?

never got it to do anything useful.