Will bluetooth ever work in Aliendalvik?

I wonder if there is anything on the horizon since my favourite carsharing app relys on bluetooth now…


I think you should specify what profile exactly you are talking about, because AFAIR it was mentioned that only A2DP works and it does

While not impossible, personally I would consider it highly unlikely in the immediate future.

From what I understand, Linux containers, on which “Android App Support” is built has no way to handle Bluetooth adapters, so Jolla would either find a way to implement Bluetooth pass-through in lxc or create a vitual Bluetooth adapter for the Android guest, that passes commands to the host.
Both solutions are far from trivial (especially dealing with conflicting commands and potential different adapter states) and I just don’t see Jolla investing a significanct amount resources into this, unless they have a clear and guaranteed ROI…


What does ROI stand for?

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For reference, see the answer by DrYak in ye olde TJC thead.



Considering the recent push for automotive market that Jolla is going for, I think it might be prudent to implement more than just a simple A2DP. There are quite a few big players in the field, namely Microsoft, Google, BlackBerry, TomTom, just to name a few, bluetooth stack seems very important, and lacking native applications for Sailfish OS, it only seems logical to use Android ones. But a lacking bluetooth middleware between AlienDalvik and BlueZ could potentially be a big hit for the future success in that field. That is not to say that it’s not a mammoth task, but look what Wine/Steam managed, a lot can be done where there’s will (and time/money).


A2DP doesn’t seem to work on ARM64/Xperia 10ii while it did work fine on my XA2. At least, waze audio out is not directed to bluetooth any more?
I don’t know which protocol the sharenow carsharing app needs to work, but it doesn’t

@Nowave7 why do you think that the market would need AlienDalvik at all?
I really doubt it

Ah yes - I got many of my posts banned because of cursing with Jolla that they did not test properly.

This was the case for me as well - somehow it resolved after pairing and removing pairing and restarting bluetooth or killing hciattach in the console and restarting the phone. Once it was paired properly and worked it is now still doing fine after already 2 months.

I recently found out that on the Xperia X with a downgrade of bluez5 to 5.50 works more or less fine.

If you are skilled ssh to the console and watch the log file

I meant to say AndroidApp Support, not Alien Dalvik, the title led me astray.

But if you’re asking in general why would that market need any kind of Android support, well, it’s just my guess, but let’s be realistic, Jolla is lacking in terms of applications, be it in numbers, or quality. Sure they could develop their in-house products, but that would require time and workforce that they’re maybe lacking at the moment? Again, this is all just pure speculation on my part.

I think there is an answer to the question that can be accepted and the question can be closed and marked as answered

I wonder if it was possible to implement/install/copy the entire android bluetooth-api to alien dalvik and use a second (usb-)bluetooth-dongle?
I guess virtualbox is acting in a similar (pass-through) manner to talk to usb-devices directly.