Whisperfish - The unofficial SailfishOS Signal client

Do you mean whisperfish will not import the backup from the Signal app?

Yes, it will always start with an empty database, it never imports anything.

Isn’t that the case with the original app also?

As far as I know, it is! Don’t they have some import functionality though? Back-up/restore?

Yes, you can transfer Signal from one phone to the other with their backup/import functionality.

i am back on saiflish on a gs290, fernschreiber works, whisperfish crrashes in authentication
i can see shortly something white then gone

Failed to configure collation for en US
Failed to attach key memory
are the last two lines

any hints ?
i have signal running of my linux laptop if that hellps

That’s not in verbose logging (–verbose), but probably doesn’t matter: the captcha rendering is currently broken, apparently for almost everyone.

Exact same symptons, same phone. Still works on 3.4.


I installed the last week wisperfish in my xa2, with sf 4.3 build, and it’s crashing when I try to authenticate. I think it’s the same as @pawel.spoon have. Can we have something to help you?


Yep, every installation with 4.3 is impacted on registration. We’ve been looking for a solution since December, but alas, for now. At first sight, 4.4 doesn’t fix it either.

Additionally, Whisperfish doesn’t install on the 4.4 EA, which is current priority.

Ok, thanks!

Any dependency that I should know? maybe I can try to build it this weekend in my machine…

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Feel free to try, but be wary of the difficulty. The current upstream cargo and rustc are not sufficient to build Whisperfish, and I only expect the patched version to come in the 5.0 SDK (or 4.5 if that would happen).

If you want to try, I suggest you sync up with us on Matrix (#whisperfish:rubdos.be)

oh, it’s rust! ok, in that case, I cannot help.

Sorry, I hope you get a solution soon!

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4.5 was mentioned already in the release notes because at that point rpm compression changes to zstd, and that’s why 4.4 is a stop gap release.


Is the current Whisperfish working with SFOS 4.4?

For me, it is’nt (20)

It doesn’t install, and it doesn’t have SailJail compatibility. I should be able to get the next version out on Saturday, which will also include a workaround for registration and a whole bunch of other good stuff.


That is great news, thank you!

Thank you. Just wanted to mention that the upgrade to 4.4 on an XA2+ requested the removal of wisperfish. I did not upgrade because of it haha ;-p

ah good, looking forward to it! <3