Where to go after Sailfish?

Actually it can be possible to revive that concept, just replace Jolla 1 with Fairphone, it’s a pity we do not have an official support for those phones.

It IS possible to open and repair a Sony device! (but a little bit tricky)

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Repairability is not a feature of those devices, actually I had one repaired officially once, they fixed the problem but the back cover was “smiling” and after a while the charging port failed!

I’m very optimistic that this will be solved or even much better on next release.

Haha, yes, there has been a lot of discussion about this. A Faiphone with Sailfish means to me an ugly phone with a beautiful OS. Besides, every porting gives a lot of bugs. Jolla 1 was hardware and software from Jolla. I tink if you can have that again Jolla doesn’t have to adapt to a new device every time. But this is wishful thinking. You can by a Fairphone with /e/, but then you have a quite ugly phone with a quite ugly OS.


I didn’t mean that you should start to make your own port. Take a look here:

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I am using Jolla 1 now. Calling works faster than on the 10III and no echo. Of course I hope for everyone that the bugs are being solved. And after a year the process starts again…


Where to go after sailfish? :wink:


My daily is a 80-90€ used XA2 with SFOS.
I am very happy.
Basic usage though. Barely more than 3 apps open at the same time.

Perhaps is that an option for you?

Why not buying one?

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Was android important to you? I’ve lost track.

Good question. Android cannot compete with Finnish design. And I like Finnish design more that Apple’s. Sometimes you want an app that Sailfish doesn’t have, so I read the Guardian on my XA2+. Installed with Aurora.
Someone who was with Sailfish in the past complained about banking. So I checked if the app of my bank worked on my Sailfish device by installing it with Aurora. It worked. Actually I don’t need it on my phone. But who am I? I am retired and free, so I can do banking with my computer.
I did not use a covid app, another argument for some.
Playing beautiful games on a small screen, seeing films, no, not for me. So I hardly have Android apps on my device. Maybe Jolla should make an inquiry about what features and what apps most people want?
Personally I miss the possibility to make video calls and sharing is also a burden.


Shared with my old ipadmini.
1 = iphone 3 Gs, 2009, unusable
2 = Jolla 1, 2014, still usable but low performance
3 = Xperia X with Sailfish, crashed, unusable;
4 = Xperia XA2 with Sailfish, still in use by my husband;
5 = Xperia XA2+ With Sailfish, still in use at home;
6 = Xperia 10 III with Sailfish


Jolla needs Angel Capital. I don’t think the many ports that there are now (Graphene, Postmarkets, Volla, /e/OS, KaiOS, Librem) will ever have impact as a real alternative to Google and Apple. I still believe that the initial aim of Jolla is valid. Listen to the EU that is demanding repairability. Forget Chinese money and Russian owners.


Got a hamradio license as well:)

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I have X, XA2 and 10 II. 10 II is what I am using daily since 1y already. I think it is much better than XA2. When I looked at 10 III I did not find a reason buying it - there is no advantage, rather disadvantage.
If I were you I would try buying 10 II. Even used one would work.

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I have a 10 II and it’s considerably slower than something like the Volla/GS290. I also find the fingerprint unit on the 10 II a pita. If it weren’t for the stupid selfy camera, I’d highly recommend the GS290. The port is really stable (thanks @piggz !) and it has reasonable battery life.


this is the biggest problem right now imho and is huge resource waste. But as we can see in the other topics, there are many “shouters” who want new phone every year. So instead of getting more stable OS, we get new phone supported with more problems that need to be fixed.
Now there is of course a need for new phone to get new functionality like VoLTE and 5G or whatever will come next but expect of that, not much. Yet there’s also problem with financing. Right now SFOS has lifetime license. This is somehow good but also somehow bad. It force Jolla to support new phones otherwise the amount of people paying would be lower with every month. This is “easy” solvable if the SFOS licensing would be changed from lifetime to subscription. Then it can even go lower say instead of 49EUR/lifetime it could go 10EUR/year. But few problems need to be reconsidered. One is android support, second is ugly Exchange. Well maybe it could be a hybrid then? Exchange for lifetime and the rest subscription?
I think I’ll put this to community discussion. I know it has been already mentioned etc but years are passing and it’s like moving in a circle. There must be a solution to handle this.


No, having a new phone every year is not a ‘problem’ that is holding SFOS back.

Jolla needs to have a widely available device for people to buy. Year after year. The $50 that five thousand of us paid for an XA2 SailfishX licence back in 2019 is not going to keep the company running in 2023.

The XA2 is basically unavailable in most of Jolla’s markets. And an unattractive option to any potential customers in 2023.
The 10 is basically unavailable in most of Jolla’s markets. And an unattractive option to any potential customers in 2023.
The 10ii is becoming unavailable in most of Jolla’s markets. And a somewhat unattractive option to any potential customers in 2023.
The 10iii availablility is starting to become difficult in Jolla’s markets. And a is now a last-gen Sony midrange in 2023.
The 10iv is widely available but not yet supported by Jolla. And is about to go out of production in favour of the the 10v .

Jolla has to keep up with commercially available hardware, if it can’t do that then it has no market to sell SailfishX licences to.


of course it does. At least for the current state. With every new Sony device, new problem arise. And old device are still blocked with unfixed issues. This is a never ending circle.

Does it, really? There’s a bunch of used phones to sale. Do you really need a totally brand new phone for this? Tbh for the “initial phase” it’s not.


The likely answer is to do what Pine64 have done and provide a phone that does not change, and all parts are readily availablity for repair and maintenance - though, an improvement to this would be to do what iPhone have done with the SE series, which uses the iPhone 8 shell, and most parts between the generations are interchangeable for upgrades (though this isn’t actually the case).

Unfortunately, Jolla aren’t in the hardware game anymore. If Fairphone would stick to a single phone shape, and work on the modular concept for upgrades, this might be a good case for Sailfish, though it’ll then be hard to buy one for those of us on the other side of the world (compared to Sony at least).