Where to go after Sailfish?

Coming straight from a good old N900, I enjoy Sailfish on my XA2 very much.

That being said, I’m quite aware of its limitations. Some (to me, at least) essential apps won’t work under the android runtime (e.g. banking apps or the corona warn app). My solution to this challenge is to have an additional Android device for those cases where I don’t have an adequate replacement on Sailfish OS (but then again, I’m not that much of an app guy). I find the UI of Android awkward to use and I absolutely despise the fact how many apps “phone home” even when they are not in use. So Android doesn’t get to see the internet if it can be avoided and certainly not from my home :slight_smile:

Maybe the idea of carrying two devices (part-time, at least) is not for everyone but using an XA2 as my daily driver and a cheap Android for those “special” use-cases gives me the piece of mind.

Many fair points - and no easy and clear answer. I use Android, iOS and SFOS in parallel, for various reasons (e.g. company rules). My daily driver is still an XZ3 (with Android support that i borrowed from another, non-used (never installed) paid license) because it comes closest to my needs, which includes file management and a fair control over all services and running apps, full off-line operation wrt contacts, calendar, maps navigation etc. The only reason to use the Android phone is/was Corona Warn App. The iPhone drives me crazy but in theory would give me access to my company emails and calendar (however, syncing takes minutes whenever I switch the iPhone X on - this is so slow that I typically use it every two month, so it is pretty worthless) but since my iPhone lost all data (and the virtual keyboard) when I tried to transfer a photo to my windows laptop I quit using the iPhone at all.

I am missing a lot from SFOS, i.e. native office support (calligra?) for being productive or a revival of the rpn calculator (plus more native apps in general) - but at the moment SFOS fills the bill better than Android or iOS.

I suppose there is no “perfect” mobile OS

EDIT: originally I considered the XZ3 too large but now I got used to it. The smaller XZ2 compact would suit you better. However, a used XZ2 compact is more expensive than the XZ3. Since Jolla started aarch64 support with the Xperia 10 ii this might be the future

try to get hands-on on phones of friends, watch some youtube videos, there are literally tons of them on youtube.
that might give you more of an idea what you get.
i hope you understand that i don’t wanna spent 10 mins on elaborating …

Marc, assuming you are still around, what decision did you come to in the end?

I’m in a similar situation with my own Jolla 1: appreciate a small physical size, but also really want a phone with a replaceable battery (I keep my phones for a long time, believe unnecessary hardware replacements are bad for the world - and lost my previous phone when the un-removable battery died). I also don’t want Android on my phone (I have a separate phone for cases where I absolutely need that, but keep its use to a minimum).

I’m wondering about pinephone, or fairphone, or something similar - the main problem being low production volumes bring high prices - but would really miss sailfish.


I think @pawel.spoon got Volla dual booting, didn’t you? I’m happy with the Vollaphone (and a GS290 from gigaset directly). I’m running 3.4 as my daily driver but 4.2 looks viable (doing development on that).

Looks good. Shame not to have a replaceable battery, and will need to find if I can get one into post-Brexit Britain (having failed miserably with getting a PocketBook over the border a few months ago), but that really looks like a good option otherwise.


Dear Graham,
I did the unthinkable and moved temporarily to an iPhone 12. As I wrote, I have to be quite far from friends and family at the moment and I neded a reliable way to communicate with them. Most of the are Apple users, so from this view it seemed like a good choice.
With the stainless steel chassis of the iPhone 12 Pro, my needs for design are satisfied.

However, I feel still bad for betraying my very own principles, and I am reminded of that every time I can not make my own choices about the phone I bought. While I am going to run this phone until it breaks, I am, albeit not constantly, following all news on Sailfish, as I still believe this is ultimately the right way.

I found no solution to all the small things that are missing in iOS, but right now I value some big things like voice assistant and widespread integration into banking a tiny bit more.

In the past I had the feeling this question was not too well received, and hopefully my still being here and being interested and responsive about it shows how much I truly value Sailfish and the design principles behind it. However, it also shows that just having the right ideas is ultimately not enough to keep a user base. I wish there would come a time where the Sailfish design language will carry over into physical devices again.

Sorry to not being able to be more helpful, but I didn’t find the entirely right thing for myself either, so I am not in a good position to give advice.



Thanks for replying Marc. I wouldn’t take the replies to your original post too personally - some of them seemed unreasonably hostile to me, for no obvious reason.

At the moment I’m thinking of the Volla phone, which seems like it should soon (or maybe already does) support the latest Sailfish. My problems at the moment are more Brexit related than technical - it seems impossible to import anything into the UK without arbitrary and unpredictable fees being added to the base cost.


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navit also has TTS and works great on my XA2.

nope. I did try with 3.4 but had constant crashes. so i switched completely to /e/ on volla and on a second pure gigaset

Ah, so you’re not running SFOS on any volla? My volla is 3.4 via Ubports and stable and my GS290 4.2 flashed over Volla 10. The latter is also stable but has a couple of bugs.

nope. at the moment i am sfos free, for the first time since 5 years.
the dual boot was a nice idea and would help one on a community port missing alien dalvik.
but it did prove super unstable. would run smoothly and then suddenly freeze.
freeze needed a restart and that sometimes corrupted the dual boot.
so no fun (this is 6 month) back.
maybe was the sdcard, who knows.
i did not re-check with the adb manager guys, but at that time, they just posted that sfos may corrupt your installation
well i learned more about sideloading then i wished to.
so i flashed with e on gigaset and volla.
not unhappy at the moment.

Ok, got ya. I’m on the reverse trajectory at the moment. But I think neither of us was too happy with VollaOS?

The unfinished springboard … and with an alternate launcher looked quite basic.
/e/ is more consistent in the look and feel

but seems they really finance a bit ubports and the antbox … so am not sad about the 100 bucks on top of a gigaset

Yo, Springboard was not for me. But I wanted SFOS anyway. And yes, I’ll probably put money into Volla again just to sponsor since it’s coordinated effort.

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I have ended to have two phones. The one I like and the second I use for banking etc, where Android is needed. Previously I used old Nokia 3 as Android but it would be wise to have the latest software for those purposes. On the other hand when you break your loved phone it seems to be hard to find a suitable phone from the market for SFOS purposes. Now comes my solution. I bought the newest SFOS compatible phone Sony Xperia 10 II and use it as Android until I need to replace my old XperiaX for some reason. Hopefully software maturity problems are also solved when I need to change my phone. Of course I still have a mess with simcards etc…


Good news: normally, the banking apps that refuse to run on a ‘rooted’ device should be able to work normally from Sailfish 4.3 onwards. I don’t know if that’s the reason they don’t work for you, but if it is, your woes may soon be over. This was mentioned in the most recent community news: Sailfish Community News, 21st October 2021.


I have been using two phones for as long as I can remember, even before Sailfish. My Android backup is currently used just for apps that require Bluetooth (e. g. Torque or other OBD2 apps), for one single banking application and only to generate security tokens since it will refuse to do so if it does not detect a screen lock on Android (which I cannot set), and for a couple of apps that for some unknown reason declare themselves as incompatible with my SFOS version (but which did run on e. g. Jolla and Jolla C). And of course, to call my main phone when I cannot find it (and vice versa).

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How is your battery life on vollaphone ? With e its 3-4 days.

Ah, I’m on 1-2 days. But I’m doing a lot of development so I’m not sure. I think 2 days was the best I was getting with my just reading the news behaviour and signal/phone activity. 3-4 sounds really good!

EDIT: I did a test to see what battery usage was like without bluetooth,wifi,location and so on running and 6-7 percent battery drain overnight (ie. 7-8 hours) …